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17th July 2014
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What is SEO and how can you tap into it?
By Jeremy Nathan, Managing Director
Some will say that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become the holy grail of online marketing and that it can make or break a company.

Granted, SEO is important in generating website traffic, but it is only one factor in a company's overall marketing mix. It should not be seen as a silo in any business. It’s something the whole team can rally around, because it’s not just a technical function, but a company-wide content development mindset, and the great thing is this content can be used for all your online and offline marketing.

So what is SEO and how can a company improve it?

Search engines work similarly to the way a website visitor behaves, which means that if user engagement is well accounted for, then site content will be well optimised to increase traffic through search engines. Broadly speaking, the most important aspects of SEO include a continued focus on:

1. Website structure & setup
2. Content & content structure
3. External links & references

Read on to learn more about these steps

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4 Examples of B2B Content Marketing Executed With SEO Best Practices in Mind
Derek Edmond, Search Engine Land
According to the 2012 MarketingSherpa Search Engine Marketing Report, of all SEO tactics available, “content creation works the best, but takes the most work,” says Kaci Bower, Research Analyst, MECLABS. B2B Internet marketers need new content to enforce and build upon keyword strategies, acquire links, and attract attention in social media. Read more

4 Ways SEO Impacts B2B Content Marketing Initiatives
Derek Edmond, Search Engine Watch
B2B marketers are spending more than 25 percent of their budgets in the development, delivery and promotion of content, according to a recent survey run by the CMO Council and NetLine. Their objectives are to drive business leads, influence customer markets and grow brand presence and authority. Read more

15 Reasons B2B Content Marketing Fails – #13 Not Using the Right SEO Strategy
Ian Dainty, Business 2 Community
Over the years, Google has changed its SEO algorithm so that it matches more of what people search for, than a page stuffed with keywords. Don’t get me wrong, a keyword strategy is still important, but what is more important is that your page matches what people are searching for. Read more

Reigning In Content & SEO — The King & Queen Of Online Marketing
Jim Yu, Search Engine Land
Years ago, SEOs proclaimed, “Content is king!” Yet the full potential of content as the catalyst for everything we want to accomplish in SEO was not realized. Even back then, SEOs wanted to measure their efforts. Read more

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