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15th August 2014
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6 Reasons You Need an Email Newsletter
By Kalon Huett, Managing Editor
It is often under-estimated how important having an e-Newsletter is. Some businesses feel that being first on Google, which is all about attracting new business, is their highest online marketing priority.
In fact most of their revenue comes from existing customers, which suggests that better engagement with your current customers is more important.

One of the great advantages of e-Newsletters and blogs is that they are not bound by any particular guidelines. Your business newsletter updates can be whatever you want, whenever you want, focusing on any goal you choose. In fact, variety is encouraged.

These are just some examples of content you could include in your company e-Newsletter:

  • New product or service promotions
  • Thought-leadership articles and videos
  • Announcements of industry awards, new locations senior management changes
  • Promotions of your trade show / industry event attendance
  • Brief commentary on hot industry topics
  • Helpful tips and how-to guides for product use
  • Satisfied customer testimonials
  • And just about anything else you want to share

And by mixing special product promotions with helpful hints and news rather than a constant 'sell, sell, sell' approach, you keep your audience engaged.

Let's explore 6 reasons you need a company e-Newsletter...

1. Stay front of mind

The more existing customers follow what's going on at your company, the more likely they are to think of you when it comes to making a purchase. It's a competitive world out there and you need to be proactive about retaining the business you worked so hard to earn in the first place. Never take customer loyalty for granted.

An e-newsletter is ideal for keeping the communication between you and your customers bubbling along. Imagine a purchasing manager has just been reading your email tips when they launch a new project that requires new products - who will they think of calling first?

2. Create a buzz around new products

It's new, it's amazing and you’re justifiably proud of it; if only people knew what it was. Sure, you’ve added a detailed product review and image gallery to your company website, but there's no guarantee your customers will find it unless you create a buzz.

How? A social media campaign is one option and, you guessed it, an email marketing campaign is another. You might even include an enticing promo offer alongside the creative announcement.

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