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OpenCom 100 Series - Convergent Phone Systems

OpenCom systems are designed for small to medium sized businesses (2-50 users). They have an integrated cordless communications platform with a LAN interface as well as a TAPI interface to control the system from a PC.

The OpenCom family is based on a common technology platform, all sharing the same handsets, accessories and software applications. Each system is able to expand in accordance with a business's needs.

Corded System Handsets
The OpenCom range of system desk phones offers users a wide choice of functions and options. The handsets are characterised by their stylish design, user-friendly menu systems, which enable intuitive operation and a range of optional accessories.

Wireless Handsets
OpenCom's fully featured wireless system handsets provide users with the flexibility for calls to be made or received from anywhere around the workplace. Combined with a network of radio base stations designed for indoor or outdoor use, virtually any size site can be fully covered with seamless handover between bases for calls on the move.

Open Applications
The OpenCom family supports a wide choice of optional applications, enabling a user to cost-effectivel tailor a system to suit their specific needs. As most of these are activated via software licence, they can be easily added to a system at any time.

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OpenCom - designed to meet your needs

* A system which offers the latest in technology, such as personalised phone numbers for each user, caller-ID and integrated voicemail
* Multiple wireless phones for a larger work/living area with users on the move
* An onsite LAN or multiple computers/devices connected via a hub
* A large contact database (e.g. Outlook or ACT) used to regularly phone these contacts

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