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NextMove e100 • Ethernet POWERLINK Machine Controller

Supplier: ABB Australia

Integrates management of real-time Ethernet using the industry standard protocol Ethernet POWERLINK

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The NextMove e100 builds on the proven NextMove controller family of products and now integrates management of real-time Ethernet using the industry standard protocol Ethernet POWERLINK. Drives, I/O devices, sensors, absolute encoders can all be added to the POWERLINK network and controlled from the Mint programming language. 

NextMove e100 can perform interpolation on 8, 12 or 16 axes, as either a single coordinate group or as multiple coordinate systems operating independently, with their own scale factors and move buffers. Interpolation can be performed over the Ethernet Powerlink network or the built in stepper/servo axes. NextMove e100 is compatible with Baldor's Ethernet Powerlink AC servo drive,
MicroFlex e100. 

For a quick comparison of all NextMove family features click on the following link: 
NextMove Comparison Table 

Additional DS402 Intellignet Drive Axes 
NextMove e100 can also coordinate Ethernet Powerlink DS402 compliant drives. These additional axes provide simple point-to-point motion, homing sequences, jog control and torque demand functions. MicroFlex e100, the AC servo drive, can be configured in this mode and is ideal for axis functions such as guides, indexers, conveyors, tension rollers etc. 

On-Board Communications and Expansion 
An onboard complement of I/O allows NextMove e100 to handle many machine control functions. I/O can be further expanded over the Ethernet Powerlink network or via the onboard CANopen network. NextMove e100 also has a USB programming port and selectable RS232/485 serial port. 

Powerful Software Tools - Supplied FREE of Charge 
Mint WorkBench for Windows, provides a powerful configuration and programming environment, combining wizards that simplify ‘expert tasks’ and advanced diagnostics such as a 6 channel digital oscilloscope. 

Versatile programming is provided by means of our Mint - multitasking language and/or the free ActiveX components which can provide powerful Windows user interfaces to the e100 products. 


  • Ethernet POWERLINK for real-time control of up to 16 axes of interpolated motion 
  • Control of additional Ethernet POWERLINK devices, including drives, I/O and encoders 
  • Compatible with MicroFlex e100 - providing a complete motion control solution 
  • Integrated Ethernet hub for ease of wiring - simple daisy chain units together 
  • Panel mount configuration with two part connectors 
  • 32-bit 120MHz Digital Signal Processor 
  • 1MByte SRAM for user programs and data 
  • 1MByte FLASH for firmware and user program storage 
  • 32kByte FRAM for non-volatile parameter storage 
  • Onboard control for 3 axes of servo (+/-10V interface) & 4 axes of stepper (pulse and direction) 
  • 20 uncommitted PNP/NPN opto-isolated digital inputs. Programmable for hardware limits, home input, stop input and error input. 4 of the inputs can be programmed for high speed capture of position within 1 microsecond 
  • 12 uncommitted PNP opto-isolated digital outputs. Programmable for drive enable and high speed position compare output 
  • 4V/150mA relay output to signal system error conditions 
  • 2 x 12-bit uncommitted analog inputs 
  • Uncommitted 12-bit analog output 
  • RS232 & RS485 (User selectable. 115,200 Baud) and USB programming interfaces. USB drivers compatible with Windows 2000/XP 
  • CAN interface for I/O expansion and HMI interfaces. Can be used to provide full peer-to-peer networking capabilities with other Mint based controllers