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Nigel's Story - Keys to successful E-commerce trading

Supplier: AirRoad Direct
23 November, 2005

Nigel Schulze was convinced he had a great business concept and he worked fulltime in a factory as a machine operator for two years saving every penny until he "had enough dough to purchase one container of bikes."

BuyThisScooter.com.au is a Brisbane based internet business selling scooters, dirt bikes, mini choppers ATV's, pocket bikes and go-carts via their website and also reselling on ebay.


His determination has certainly paid off. In just over 10 months of operation he now works full time in the business and rents a warehouse. Nigel attributes his growth to sound business decisions, hard work, integrity and finding the right delivery partner.


“Developing a relationship with AirRoad Direct was a key ingredient in establishing and maintaining the growth of the business, particularly as it is an e-commerce based business where customer delivery is essential,” said Nigel.

His top sellers are dirt bikes and with customers spread over a broad area, with many in isolated regions including rural QLD, NSW, WA and Tasmania, Nigel relies on AirRoad to make sure customers receive the products and services they ordered.

Being internet savvy himself, Nigel was impressed with AirRoad Direct’s easy online service, with instant pricing and tracking with the added bonus of receiving a discount of $22 each time he booked online. “Booking online without any fuss takes a load off, anything that makes running a business a little easier is great,” said Nigel.


AirRoad Direct’s $1000 Transit Warranty at no extra cost was also a real draw card. “Most of my products are under $1000 so I could take advantage of the Transit Warranty”. Nigel’s customers too are able to enjoy peace of mind while awaiting the arrival of their much anticipated delivery.


BuyThisScooter.com.au has the added benefit of receiving AirRoad Direct’s top tier discount as a result of their recent and frequent delivery orders.

Although he wouldn’t  recognise any of his customers if he passed them in the street, Nigel has turned a dream into a reality and can rely on AirRoad Direct to continue to deliver with certainty.

For further information about BuyThisScooter.com.au go to www.buythisscooter.com.au or email sales@buythisscooter.com.au