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Night Flower Security Cameras

Night Flower Security Cameras | Security and building management systems

Night Flower Security Cameras

Our Name comes from one of Frances oldest known dragons, "Fleur De Nuit" or "Nightflower" was known for it's excellent night vision. As with most of our security cameras we are able to view in night as though almost day for some of our high tech cameras.

Our Company works with several manufacturers and distributors international to create an up and coming security system, called Syron a fully intergrated voice activation/control system. To date we can construct and create any commerical product to suit your business, enabling the a high level of control with our systems integrations and design, with the highest level of secuirty available.

From arming you Security Staff with the lastest night vision googles or with retactable battons or tazars (not available in Australia), to securing a small city with our intergrated systems we can create anything you need "to feel comfortable that your investment is well protected."

Nightflower provides a wide variety of servies such as: Web Broadcasting facilities for Telstra during the construction of the T-Life Store in
Melbourne. Supplied security cameras for installation in to a Port in Ghana, a hospital in Nigeria, a Bank in Canada, Restaurants in Croatia and warehouses in Australia and China.

Computers and Laptops have been delivered to schools in Uganda and Nigeria, on behalf
of Charity Organisations in the USA and UK.

The company has been invited to quote by the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA
for the Savannah Laboratory and CASA. The New Zealand Defence Force requested specific computers to be manufactured from our facilities in China.

Our company can handle and support any level of operations.

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Syron, the Fully Automated Voice Activacted Facial Recognition Building Management System.
Let our SAINT help micro manage your business "Synthetic Artificial Intelligent Networking Technologies"
1300 55 11 36
"No more security or surveillance upgrades ever. Help us to secure your property to protect your business future."
Auto Manage your security surveillance to help with troubled times ahead. Don’t make it easy on criminals to rely on your business for their extra income.
"Our synthetic artificial intelligent networking technologies (saint)
will help you manage more than just your security needs! "
Our People Video Analytics Products transform your surveillance video into actionable intelligence that can improve operational efficiency, staffing levels and marketing effectiveness of your businesses.
With real-time intelligent alerts you can effectively manage security and with remote supervision to monitor your employee productivity, customer service, sales service and quality, automatically manage staff start and finish times and much more.
Using the standard web internet infrastructure, it allows you or our consultants to manage your surveillance directly. With this facility you can manage your business from any location in the world, regardless of distance.
"Stolen Vehicles can be used as get away vehicles for robbery"
Portable License Plate Recognition(LPR) software delivers unprecedented accuracy using existing surveillance cameras. Able to read over 3000 vehicles an hour with an ability to generate alerts for stolen, unregistered and other vehicles of interest, in real-time.
***Field tested by Law enforcement authorities including VIC and NSW police. ***
"Web Broadcasting of your events and functions for live streaming promotions"
Events and Functions are another way of promoting your business. People can log in live to

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