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Night Security | Scheduled Night Patrol Service

Supplier: H & H Security

Visits and security inspection checks can be carried out by H&H's mobile patrol service for your home, property or business.

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A night/mobile patrol service's main function is to act as a deterrent against would be thefts or vandals for the premises that are being patrolled.

Typically conducted at irregular intervals and unspecified times, particularly during dusk hours, weekends and holiday periods, mobile patrols add a cost effective security service to protect your home, property, business and its assets.

Our mobile patrol service provides customers with a uniformed mobile security guard, equipped with two-way audio communication with our control centre, ensuring that the mobile patrol officer and control centre are constantly updated in regards to security threats, potential problems, and detailed action plans.

The effectiveness of the patrol service depends greatly upon the number and frequencies of patrol visits to a patrolled property.

This can be adjusted according to the area and risk of the individual property being patrolled.

The activities of our mobile patrols are controlled by a unique system which not only ensures its efficiency and effectiveness but also gives customers detailed reports confirming that the guard has made his visits and rounds of inspection in the proper manner.

H&H Security can also provide an emergency and temporary guard or patrol service for a variety of temporary, one-time and emergency jobs.

Mobile Security Officers and Patrols can carry out visits to those premises not requiring a permanent security presence.

These visits are particularly useful in the early detection of crime or vandalism and can also be used to check critical infrastructure of plant equipment such as temperatures, boilers and processes.

Our mobile patrol vehicles are fitted with H&H Security decals, and the patrol officer is outfitted with a uniform, communication system, and in some cases emergency lighting systems to identify the patrol vehicle as a security patrol & response unit.

Are security officers have been thoroughly trained to conduct their patrols with care, diligence, and compliance with the local and state traffic laws.