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NIR Based In-Line CO2 Monitor | Centec CarboTec NIR

Supplier: B-R Controls

The Centec CarboTec NIR NIR Based In-Line CO2 Monitor is the latest development in direct in-line measurement of carbon dioxide in carbonated beverages, including softdrinks, beer, wine and sparkling waters.

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The system utilises NIR absorption as the principal of measurement, providing fast, stable and repeatable CO2 measurement using multiple internal reflection ATR technology.  It avoids the use of membranes and valves and is almost maintenance free. It can be installed in-line or in a by-pass line if required.

Key Benefits of the Centec CarboTec NIR NIR Based In-Line CO2 Monitor:

  • Does not use membranes, purge gasses or electrolyte
  • No influence of other gasses like nitrogen and oxygen
  • High repeatability (1%), no drift
  • Wide operating range (0 – 10 g/l, 0 – 5 vol)
  • Fast response time (< 20 sec, 98%)
  • The ultimate in hygiene, easy installation using Varivent fitting
  • Single housing, no evaluation unit required
  • Low cost installation
  • Integrated, local, or remote display
  • No cable issues, no moving parts

Centec CarboTec NIR NIR Based In-Line CO2 Monitor Specifications