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NIR Instruments / Unity Scientific Spectrastar 2400

Supplier: Unity Scientific Asia Pacific

Available with rotating sample transport or static operation.

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Unity Scientific SpectraStar 2400 Top Window (Rotating)

Available with rotating sample transport or static operation.

The SpectraStar Top Window provides the ultimate in sampling flexibility. The SpectraStar 2400 Top Window scans the essential portion of the NIR spectrum from 1200-2400nm and is a cost effective answer to replace outdated NIR systems.

The Unity Scientific SpectraStar 2400 represents the next generation of scanning NIR analysers and ensures fast, accurate analysis of agricultural, food, tobacco, pharmaceutical and industrial samples.

Samples can be analysed in a variety of sample cups, petri dishes or bags with the rotating feature of the Top Window system allowing for the analysis of un-ground or partially ground material by simply filling a sample cup and placing it on the window.

The range covered by the SpectraStar 2400 improves accuracy by encompassing the primary combination bands of C-H, N-H and O-H bonds found in all major constituents such as fat, protein, moisture, starch, fibre, carbohydrates, amino acids and sugar.

The NIR wavelength above 1800nm provides increased sensitivity and is critical for analysis of sugars, amino, acids, fatty acids, starch, fibre and other low-concentration constituents.

The SpectraStar provides an ideal upgrade option from brands like Perstop, Bran+Luebbe and others with the capability to directly transfer MLR calibrations from Bran+Luebbe InfraAlysers and with the addition of the software application TransStar entire scanning databases can be transferred from other brand scanning InfraAlysers.

Key Features

  • Wavelength Range: 1200nm-2400nm
  • Grating: Holographic NIR, for use from 1200nm - 2400nm.
  • Detectors: InGaAs (temperature stabilised)
  • Scan Time: Less than 0.8 seconds per scan
  • Analysis Time: Typically 10 - 60 Seconds
  • Data Interval: 1nm
  • Sampling Configurations: Rotating sample transport or static operation
  • Powder analysis
  • Liquid analysis
  • Minimal sample preparation
  • No chemical or reagents required
  • High reproducibility
  • Small footprint suitable for bench top placement
  • Internet ready

Ideal For:

  • Bench top location
  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Industrial environments
  • Dairy samples
  • Agriculture samples
  • Food samples
  • Pet Food samples
  • Industrial samples


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