Nitrogen Generator - The Technology

Supplier: ProDetec
08 November, 2010

WME manufactures on-site nitrogen generation systems utilizing membrane air separation technology.

These nitrogen generation systems are used for inerting, blanketing, and purging of chemicals and other cargos.

ETech membrane modules contain thousands of hair-like membranes that collectively separate large amounts of high purity, dry nitrogen directly from compressed air, which may be applied to prevent degradation of cargo sensitive to oxygen, moisture or combustion by-products.

These systems are also ideal as non-freezing, non-corrosive instrument gas, and for drying of void spaces such as cofferdams.


  • Low cost with on-site generation, saves up to 50%.
  • Wide capacity range.
  • Dry nitrogen, dewpoint <-70°C.
  • Purity 95-99,9%.
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain.

Offshore Systems

The ETech membrane systems has a high capacity to weight relationship compared with other non-cryogenic sources ETech systems are relatively lightweight and compact, enabling them to fit into places where space is limited.

The systems are portable, stand alone units that require only supply of dry, compressed air. These computerized, automated process control systems are an ideal choice for applications requiring purities up to 99,9%, as well as extremely precise control capability, data logging, or remote operation and communication. These systems can be applied within a wide capacity range.

Membrane produced nitrogen can be supplied over a wide range of purities. Modular system design allows for system expansion with the addition of modules, increasing nitrogen capacity as your requirements change. System layouts can be configurated to meet the most unique site requirements.

Shipboard Systems

Skid mounted system for offshore and on- site nitrogen production for the oil industry.

Petrochemical Industry

Portable Nitrogen Generator units are compact, containerised, that provide on-site gaseous nitrogen in large volumes in virtually any location or environment.