No Access to the Gym or Yoga Class?

Supplier: Allplastics Engineering
10 May, 2020

Unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors for the home gym wall or the garage walls.

Allplastics offers a range of lightweight yet strong polycarbonate and acrylic mirrors for your home gymnasium walls.

Polycarbonate mirrors are virtually unbreakable (250 times the strength of glass) available in 3mm Thick and 6mm Thick in sheet sizes of 3000mm x 2000mm).

We offer a cut to size service as well as installation. (Sydney Metropolitan). It is recommended that the mirrors are adhered to a flat surface such as MDF to minimize

For robust environments such as police stations, prison cells, public toilets, we offer the premium grade Hard-coat surface polycarbonate available in 6mm Thick sheet sizes of 2440mm x 1220mm.

For less demanding applications, Allplastics supplies and cuts Euromir Acrylic Mirrors in 3mm Thick x 3000mm x 2000mm Sheets.