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No Chequered Flag without the Check

Supplier: Norbar Torque Tools (Aust)
12 February, 2008

In motor racing, accurate torque control of threaded fasteners is absolutely essential. The danger of under or over-tightening threaded fasteners are self-evident, but as well as the drivers having the confidence to push the car to the edge, the workshop needs to have faith in the design integrity of every single component.

Norbar Torque Wrenches have long been the tools of choice for the Triple 8 team, the company behind VX Racing, the most successful team in the British Touring Car Championship's history. Chief mechanic Martin Ellis knows better than most the importance of accuracy.

"If something does go wrong on the track, we have to know for sure that an incorrectly tightened bolt can be ruled out as a possible cause," Ellis contends. "For that reason, the accuracy of our torque tools is extremely important. We use a number of Norbar wrenches here, ranging from the 1/4" drives for the small suspension and gearbox sub-assemblies right the way up to the 1" wrench that we use for the suspension bearings."

But even with Norbar's reputation for accuracy and reliability, nothing can be left to chance, and ensuring that their torque tools remain accurate between servicing is critical.

The Triple 8's workshop was one of the first in the UK to take delivery of the new TruCheck torque tool tester from Norbar. TruCheck is designed to make the checking of torque tools so quick and easy that they can be verified at frequent intervals - daily in the case of Triple 8's mechanics total confidence in the accuracy of their tools. TruCheck is simple to use. it's red, green and amber LED display gives a clear visual conformation that the tool being tested is within the specified tolerance.

"TruCheck is so quick and easy to use that we do not even think about it anymore," Ellis elaborates. "The guys routinely just click the wrench onto the TruCheck and then get on with the job in hand, knowing that the tool is within tolerance."

Norbar TruCheck allows every workshop to have the kind of confidence in the accuracy of their tools that Triple 8 insist on. "TruCheck is an essential bit of kit in our workshop," agrees Ellis. "We would not be without it."