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Nobles TECH INSPECT - Lifting Equipment Data Management System

Supplier: A Noble & Son Ltd

Nobles TECH INSPECT is a complete lifting equipment data management system that enables customers to view their lifting equipment register on-line.

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Tech Inspect is designed for use with lifting, height safety, lifted, mooring and load restraint equipment.
Tech Inspect also offers various sorting and filtering criteria and allows the user to generate a high quality pdf report based on the chosen criteria.
Nobles lifting equipment inspectors attach a barcode to each item and use PDA Scanners to carry out on-site inspections. At the completion of the inspection the data is simply uploaded when the inspector returns to base. The time lapse in waiting for reports and the need for paper reports is eliminated. The Tech Inspect register is always available on-line and in most cases is live the day after the inspection is completed.

The Process

  1. Nobles Inspector attaches a new barcode or scans existing barcode on lifting equipment.
  2. Specifications of the equipment is entered into the PDA (new registers) or checked (existing registers).
  3. Status (Condition) of equipment is saved.
  4. Data is uploaded into the Nobles Tech Inspect system
  5. Secure log-in and password is issued to customer
  6. Customer can view their lifting equipment register on-line.

Features available to Tech Inspect Users:

  1. Live on-line register which is always up to date
  2. Complete history and detail of each asset is available
  3. Attachments such as test certificates, CVI certificates, NDT certificates, pictures, etc can be held against each asset record and are accessible on-line to be viewed or printed as required
  4. Data is secured daily by backup and will not be lost or outdated
  5. Multiple data searching/sorting/filtering options including:
    • Search/Sort/Filter by Barcode
    • Search/Sort/Filter by ID Number
    • Search/Sort/Filter by Test Number
    • Search/Sort/Filter by Asset Status
    • Search/Sort/Filter by Equipment Type
    • Search/Sort/Filter by Location
  6. The last and next inspection dates are displayed
  7. Items are colour coded by asset status
  8. Assets with a status of C, D or F include a comment of explanation
  9. Ability to generate PDF reports for all of the above Search/Sort/Filter functions and print as required
  10. Ability to view schedules for upcoming inspections and tests

1. Log-in via the Bulletin Board page.
2. Equipment list will appear with each item ordered by Barcode (default)
3. Various sorting/searching and filtering criteria can be applied*
4. Equipment is colour coded by Status
5. Last Inspection Date and Next Inspection Date is listed on the front page
*Easy to use menu of drop down boxes enables:
Sort/Search/Filter by:
• Barcode
• ID Number
• Equipment Type
• Status
• Test Cert Number
• Location (within the Site)
In Ascending or Descending order
6. Use the print list button to generate a pdf report based on your preferred sorting or filtering criteria.
7. Click on the Barcode of the item on the Equipment List to see the full detail

Full specifications
Inspection and/or testing schedule detailing when the last inspection/test was carried out and when the next inspection/test is due
Inspection and/or testing history
Files such as Test Certificates can be attached to the item and can be viewed and or printed as required

To see a complete demonstration of the Tech Inspect system contact your nearest Nobles branch and ask for our demonstration CD-Rom.

TECH INSPECT boards are also available and are ideal for those sites that use colour coded tags. The boards can be mounted in the area where the equipment is used and assist in instantly identifying if the equipment they are using is “in inspection”.
Each Tech Inspect board can accommodate two types of equipment that may have a differing inspection schedule e.g. height safety equipment (6 months) and lifting equipment (12 months). The correct colour coding for each type of equipment is displayed on the board.
The board also displays when the last inspection was carried out on each equipment type and when the next inspection is due for each equipment type.