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Noemon Australasia

Our Products have been created from technologies used in the automobile and aviation industries.

The two industries where safety and reliability are key to the success of their products.

Noemon products are extremely resilient to EMI "Electro magnetic Interference" caused by power cables and other devices.

A quality installer will always take care with how they install the smart wiring within your building.

With Noemon we remove the room for human error by making our system highly resilient to common mistakes found in todays installations.

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A well designed automation system can:

Improve passive solar heating and passive cooling through the control of blinds, awnings, windows, vents and fans.

Control heaters and air conditioners so they are only used when and where they are needed and are use to achieve a desired temperature

Home automation systems can only improve the energy efficiency of your home if they are designed for this purpose.

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