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Noise Dose Meters

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The essential issue in fighting noise-induced hearing loss is the assessment of noise exposure. Hearing loss can be immediate with extreme sound levels, but generally the problem is exposure to noise day after day, year after year.

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Harmful noise levels do not always cause pain, so there is usually no immediate reaction or complaint from the workforce. The noise dose meter is a useful tool in the fight against noise-induced hearing loss on the job.

Long-term exposure to high average noise levels is the number one cause of occupational hearing loss, yet many people are unaware of the damage occurring.

The noise dose meter provides a simple, effective solution for evaluating noise exposure and preventing hearing loss in the workplace. A noise dose meter is typically used to measure the amount of noise an individual is exposed to throughout the working day.

The meter is worn with the microphone fastened close to the ear and measures the sound pressure level and calculates the so-called noise 'dose' received by the individual during the day.

The noise dose is expressed as the equivalent average sound level for an 8-hour period (reference duration) and this level must be below the limit (or Criterion Level) specified in the relevant occupational health regulation (often an 85 dB limit is used). The noise dose may also be expressed as a percentage of the maximum allowed.

Logging Noise Dose Meter Type 4445 and Noise Dose Meter Type 4444 are specifically designed for making noise dose measurements.

The measurement process consists of these simple steps:

  • Attach the instrument and microphone
  • Start the measurement
  • Stop the measurement at the end of the day
  • Check the results - they are saved to printout in the future, or for download to post-processing software

Logging Noise Dose Meters Type 4445 and Type 4445 E include all of the functionality of the Type 4444, plus some powerful extras that make it much more effective in the struggle against hearing loss on the job.

Added Features of Noise Dose Meters include:

  • Statistical analysis of noise levels
  • Logging of data (that is, recording of time histories)
  • Timers for setting up automatic start and stop of measurements

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