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Noise reduction curtains reduce noise related ailments

Supplier: Flexshield
07 June, 2011

Soundproof curtains have a wide range of uses. Many businesses not aware of the possibilities to reduce sound and contain dust.

Noise reduction in industry is a primary area of health and safety concern, with legal obligations being placed on employers to take all possible actions to limit employee exposure to excessive noise.  Soundproof curtains can be used in many industrial settings, and are designed to assist manufacturers and other industrial operations where noisy plant and machinery are utilised, to comply with government regulated noise exposure limits.

Curtains provide versatility an economic advantage over the installation of rigid enclosures, as well the mobility often needed to move the soundproofing shield around between various pieces of equipment.  The design and size of soundproofing curtains can be in many permutations:

  • Rails suspended from a factory ceiling can be used to hook the soundproofing shield around noisy equipment, giving the option of drawing back the curtain to allow easy access to machinery when required, or drawing the soundproofing material around the noise source when necessary. 
  • Concertina curtains can be used to minimise the space used when the protection is drawn back.
  • More rigid, yet not totally rigid structures can be suspended around equipment to create a semi-permanent enclosure, still being a "curtain" this allows for relative easy dismantling and is not created as a permanent structure or room.

Flexshield, noise control specialists, have been supplying soundproofing curtains to industry throughout Australia for many years, and advise that they have found customers who are operating in rented premises see this type of non-structural soundproofing as being the best solution.  Many landlords do not allow tenants to make permanent structural changes to their premises and so even in the case where railings have been suspended, these can be removed when tenants move out and no permanent change has been made to the site.

Another very practical application of a soundproofing curtain is where noise reduction is needed at construction works or road works.  Curtains are designed to wrap around the outdoor areas, to provide a reduction in the noise levels penetrating out into the surrounding areas.  Flexshield have supplied many construction companies with assistance in this area which isn’t necessarily solving the problem employee exposure but is certainly solving the problem of noise nuisance in the public arena.

PVC sheet curtains and PCV strip curtains, while not providing a "heavy duty" solution to noise control are also very useful as a combined noise reduction/pollution control mechanism, and can be used successfully in wash bay areas, warehouse areas and many other industrial applications.

The Flexshield team of noise control experts have all the experience, qualifications and knowledge to assist you with finding a solution to noise problems, with access to a wide range of different types of soundproofing curtains and the ability to custom manufacture to specific requirements.