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NORD helical gear unit sets new standards

Supplier: NORD Drivesystems
11 September, 2009

Getriebebau NORD is one of the leaders in the field of drive technology. This is demonstrated once again by the introduction of NORDBLOC.1 inline helical gear unit, which the company from Bargteheide is really excited about. There are many companies who can manufacture gear units; however, the new series which is also in a unicase housing has technical advantages which are as yet unparalleled. Competitiveness, reduction in manufacturing costs and the reduction in parts were just some of the reasons for developing and marketing a new generation helical gear unit.

Customer demands for an economical, robust and individually usable product were at the forefront of all our design considerations. This is clearly confirmed by the defined unique features, which clearly distinguish the overall concept.

The helical gear unit is robust, compact, powerful and good value for money. This type of gear unit was first presented at the Hanover Trade Fair in 2007. The market launch is now entering the decisive phase.

A series which convinces

The housing of the helical gear unit is made of aluminium. This is an advantage, as weight produces costs, especially if the gear unit has to be transported during movement. Additionally, corrosion protection is an important feature. Die-cast aluminium has a smooth clean surface with a natural corrosion protection which does not need to be painted, which in turn helps the environment. There is a trend to use aluminium; the aluminium housing is stronger and 60% lighter than its cast iron predecessor. As the design incorporates a one piece house, there are no additional covers required as with older designs, reducing the opportunity for leaks.

The internal construction of the gear unit is also simpler due to the all new internal design with staggered bearing construction. The completely new internal design with staggered bearing construction permits bearings to be used, increasing the product lifetime, and allowing greater load-bearing capacity.

The new concept makes the use of large ball bearings possible, which due to the unique design location ensure they are optimally lubricated when mounted in all orientations, making them therefore more reliable than roller bearings. With the usual coupling methods considerably greater forces can be used and the working life is considerably longer. Due to its very smooth surface the gear unit can be used in almost all applications, such as clean room environments and the foodstuffs industry.

Development and production structures create confidence

During the development phase the product was continually tested and improved. Among other things, the very latest knowledge and technology, such as FE (Finite Element) analysis was utilised. This allowed NORD to determine the optimum housing design for the given loads and stresses. Because of this, the strain on the material was kept to a minimum; priority was given to load-bearing capacity and aesthetics, with the aim of producing an optimum design.

NORD is well known for its great depth of production - a part of the company philosophy which gives customers security. There are no interfaces - everything comes from and is controlled from one source. Hence all processes, such as the finishing of the gear units and gear wheels as well as the assembly are carried out in our own factory facilities. Cast components and standard and DIN components are purchased externally. The purchased components are tested, the cast housing are measured, tested for leaks and prepared for assembly in the factory.

Connection dimensions such as base to shaft height, shaft diameter and flanges are compatible with competitors' units. All gear units that leave our factories are tested for leaks. We aim for an especially high standard with respect to the units being leak-proof.

The internal pressure conditions in the gear unit influence the working life of the gear units seals, the life of the seals is increased if there is no excessive pressure. Therefore vents are provided for all sizes and installation orientations. Because of this the gear units operate without pressure. Staff from the development, design, service and marketing departments have been continuously involved during the development process, in order to prevent any possible sources of faults from the very outset.

Design aids for customers

In addition to product catalogues, NORD also offers the electronic program ELCAT, with which customers can assemble and order their own individual gear unit. With this NORD software it is also possible to generate dimensioned drawings, two-dimensional outline drawings and 3D models in the form of CAD files for all variants, and therefore accelerating the design process.

Of course, these tools are not intended to replace the personal communication between the supplier and the customer, but rather to supplement this.


The advantages of the NORDBLOC.1 helical gear unit are obvious.

In summary:

l  Weight reduction through die-cast aluminium

l  Higher load capacity and longer working life through larger bearings

l  Use of encapsulated ball bearings, which are more reliable than roller bearings

l  Gear units operate without pressure due to venting for all sizes of unit

l  Longer seal life

l  No assembly cover and no sealing plugs  necessary (therefore optimum oil sealing)

l  Common mounting dimensions

The NORDBLOC.1 helical gear unit sets new standards in drive technology. Getriebebau NORD, one of the leaders in drive technology has become the focus of attention with this development. The company continues to follow its tried-and-tested product philosophy. This emphasises the development of products which cater for customers ' demands. Here, NORD sees a great potential for development, which will be implemented in the near future.