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Notice for user

Notice for user.

1.1 The transducers should only be used in environments having no conductive dust, corrosive or explosive gases. When a transducer is used in an environment with strong electromagnetic interference. Standard protection should be taken. Such as input wires and induction apertures should be shielded, output wires should be as shorter as possible..
1.2 If the user has no special requirement, the range of operating temperature of the transducers is 0~50?.
1.3 If the user has no special requirement, the electric specifications of AC energy transducers are applied to 50Hz AC circuit only.
1.4 The transducers have been calibrated before delivery. Please contact the company if readjustment is required.
1.5 Do not remove or destroy the label on the transducer.
1.6 Shenzhen Sensor Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. warrants free repair and freight against all defects due to our workmanship and material to the original purchaser of our products for 48-month from the date of delivery. We also warrant free repair of our transducers against the defects due to improper use by user, and user will pay the freight within the 48-month. After the 48-month period we will charge for repair cost and user will pay the freight.
2. Installation 
2.1  Please check the part number of label on the products carefully before use.
2.2  Make sure to connect the inputs, outputs and power supply correctly and properly before power on. The power supply, input signal and the output signal (for treble isolation products) cannot be commonly grounded.
2.3 The voltage of power supply must be in conformity with that shown on the label of the product. Its accuracy can not be under 5%, ripple should be ≤0.4%. It is highly suggested that you had better connect its common output to the earth.
2.4 Generally, the load resistance of output of transducers with current output must not be more than 250Ω, and long term open circuit output are not allowed. For transducers with voltage output or frequency output, their output load resistance must be ≥2KΩ. When they are powered on. Their output load resistance can not be <<2KΩ, and short circuit output is not allowed. Their output load must be passive device.
2.5 For more precise measurement, it is suggested that you can do it by using an instrument with higher accuracy after all circuits and the transducers have been powered on for 15 minutes. Please ensure that the terminal screws are tightened securely and reliably before measuring directly on output terminals of transducer with probes of meter.
2.6 When more than one transducer are mounted together, please keep a space more than 10mm between adjacent units. 35mm (width) DIN rail mounting and M3 screws for surface mounting are available optionally.
2.7 The damage of power supply is usually caused by improper use. If the transducers and other device with interference (such as relay) use one power supply commonly, the pulse interference may damage the power supply.
2.8 The small-signal transducers mean those whose AC voltage input is ≤10V or AC/DC current input is ≤ 2A or DC voltage input is ≤1V. They should be installed far away from strong electromagnetic interference and cannot use one power supply commonly with electromagnetic valve, circuit breaker or relay. The signal wires of small-signal transducers cannot be trussed together with the devices with strong electromagnetic interference to make sure the small-signal transducers operate stably.
2.9 The damages of the output terminals are usually caused by strong interference. The wiring design should be arranged carefully. If signal wires of transducers are in line with the power cord of power unit, the strong spurious noise may damage the output of transducer.