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Novecom - SentineX Noise Monitoring System

Supplier: Novecom Pty Ltd

If a tree falls in the woods, does anyone hear it SentineX does!

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SentineX Noise Monitoring System

  • Sentinex Noise Monitoring units are self contained, free standing noise recording/monitoring units that can be placed anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, to provide continuous monitoring of environmental noise levels as well as to identify sources and types of noise.
  • Sentinex Noise Monitoring Units record 15 min statistical data, 1/3 octave data (at 5 sec to 15 min intervals) and real time audio (MP3) files continuously each day.
  • Each unit is accessible through a LAN when working on the field unit, or a web browser (intranet/internet) when downloading and analysing monitoring data or listening to audio files.
  • Units can be triggered remotely to start or stop recording (e.g. 1 min statistical noise levels for sleep arousal), report on recent events, send messages if pre-defined events occur during day or night, or send and receive predefined SMS messages.

  • A typical daily noise report includes:

    • 15 min statistical data (LA1, LA10, LA90 or user defined)
    • LAeq,15min and LAeq,period noise levels
    • LAeq,15min in 1/3 octave
    • LAeq,15min in the 12.5 to 630 Hz range (or user defined)
    • Wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and rainfall

  • Sample Audio Files from SentineX - Click on the link to here the sample voice

  • The Noise Monitoring System integrates:
    • A Type 1 Noise Level with statistical and octave capabilities
    • Digital audio recording 24 hours per day 7 days per week
    • A meteorological station
    • In-field diagnostics using a solid-state computer
      Web communications using NextG, GPRS, ADSL or 56K modem
      Web browser that can present the results in real-time
  • Where can it be used?
    • Real-time noise monitoring in accordance with statutory requirements
    • Remote monitoring of industrial developments when audio diagnostics are required for noise source determination
    • Noise complaint diagnostics when attended monitoring cannot be sustained
    • Assessment of sleep arousal events
  • Other Applications
    • Sentinex can be tailored for individual, site specific requirements,
      and has a range of applications in addition to noise monitoring.

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