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Objective: achieving a cleaner city using an efficient tool

Supplier: Applied Cleansing Solutions
16 July, 2012

The Glutton is a truly omnivorous urban waste vacuum cleaner.

The cleanliness of our cities, especially in areas receiving a lot of pedestrian traffic, such as city squares, pavements and pedestrian areas is of great concern to city maintenance officials.

The Glutton is an urban waste vacuum cleaner capable of vacuuming up every possible kind of dirt found on our pavements: papers, packets and cigarette butts, dog droppings and other excrement beverage cans, chip-bags, and fallen leaves.

Equipped with a 4-stroke or electric motor and a variable-speed transmission with forward and reverse, the Glutton quickly causes all kinds of dirt to disappear into its 240-litre container

Street sweeping is probably the only profession which has never been improved upon by more efficient, adequate tools to make the work more rewarding.

The street broom and rubbish cart are finally about to take their retirement, perhaps in the peace of a museum, since with the Glutton, they have met with a worthy successor — one well able to perform this exhausting and difficult task.

Thanks to Glutton, maintenance work is more pleasant and rewarding, increasing motivation and ensuring a job well done — particularly in an increasingly cleaner city environment.

The simple but distinguished line of puts a smile on the faces of passersby; many people spontaneously wave at the operator.

The machine renders enormous service in contributing to the cleanliness of our city environments, and since the city is cleaner, the people who live or work in the city are happier, leading to an improvement in human relationships.