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OdorTeQ® BioTrickling Filter

Supplier: Clean TeQ Limited

The OdorTeQ® BioTrickling Filter Technology is an extension of the biofilter technology that allows for the cost effective treatment of air that contains high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide and other compounds at a high rate of efficiency. This technology uses a filter media that does not require frequent replacement.

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High running costs and ongoing OH&S issues associated with other odour control technologies have supported the emergence of the BioTrickling Filter Solution.

The OdorTeQ® BioTrickling Filter technology (often referred to as Bioscrubber technology) utilises specific micro-organisms to remove low to very high levels of Hydrogen Sulphide (H25) and other sewer gases, with efficiencies of 99.8%+.

Low running costs make the OdorTeQ® Trickling Filter the most economical odour treatment System on the market.

How do they work?

By immobilising a strain of biology onto an inert packing material, the OdorTeQ® BioTrickling Filter is able to offer extremely large surface areas for the treatment of common sewer based odours. H2S in particular is targeted as a major contributor to the odour profile with OdorTeQ systems able to treat very high concentrations.

The biology utilise the H2S as an energy pathway which breaks down the compound into its simplest forms, hydrogen and sulphate. The continuously recirculating liquor then flushes away the by-products allowing for continued high performance.


The advantage of small footprint and compact plant design also add to the appeal of the OdorTeQ® Filter Systems. Smaller systems for remote small wastewater treatment plants and pumps stations also offer exceptionally high removal efficiencies.

In addition to the highly effective OdorTeQ® the use of an optional CleanCarb AC Polishing Filter provides added assurance to guarantee a "No Odour" outcome.