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Odour Control Chemical | Airopure™

Supplier: ColdMist Cooling Australia

A major breakthrough in keeping industrial odours suppressed by "capturing" them rather than simply masking them, environmentally safe, the Airopure™ Odour Control Chemical completely neutralises offensive odours at the source.

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Airopure™ Odour Control Chemical

The company's sophisticated Airopure™ solution is designed to be heavily diluted in water and sprayed – ideally using Probe Rotary Atomisers – on to odour-producing chemicals in the air. It combines with the chemicals to make them safe and odourless and then pulls them down to the ground.

Normally the only answer is to spray a pleasant fragrance to mask the unpleasant one – Probe takes a more scientific and effective approach. Airopure is a very exciting product, and one which is certain to be widely taken up.

Why it matters

Industrial odours are a major environmental problem. They can create an unpleasant working environment, which is obviously of concern to those who are required to work there. Of great concern also is the affect such odours may have on residents who live near industrial premises.

More importantly, long-term exposure to industrial odours is a kind of passive form of pollution. There is the prospect of long-term damage to health, with the environmental and legal issues which that would raise.

How Airopure™ works

Airopure works by using special surfactant reagents which help the minute water droplets to take up the organic substances which produce smells – something which does not normally happen. This is done by creating "clusters" of molecules inside the droplets which trap the odours which then fall to the ground with the water rather than returning to the air as gas.

Airopure™ itself is completely safe and has been tested for all major hazards.

How Airopure™ helps

Spraying a continuous aerosol of Airopure™ is an effective and low-cost method of odour control, even in difficult situations such as industrial premises and sewerage works. In fact the product is so effective that if it is used properly, the smell is entirely eradicated by the time it reaches the outer limits of the area sprayed.


In order to work, Airopure™ must be applied using an accurate and precise spraying system which produces microscopic droplets of a consistent size. Ultrasonic, air assisted and misting nozzles can be used, but Probe Industries strongly suggests that Airopure™ is used with its Rotary Atomiser system.

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