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Office & Home Window Film | Night Owl

Supplier: Film Pacific

Office & Home Window Film, Night Owl has low-reflectivity surface which gives you the energy efficiency advantages of solar control window film, while also providing you a night view of the outdoors by reducing the glare of your interior lighting.

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Office & Home Window  Film - Night Owl

Night Owl harnesses the power of nano-technology, fusing a unique blend of nano-particles deep within the film, delivering:

  • High Performance Nano-particles give high levels of heat rejection combined with low reflectivity, enhancing performance without a mirror finish.
  • Durable Colour Nano-particles help tone the film to a rich shade of graphite smoke, forming a durable colour that won’t fade, change or corrode.
  • Clear Reception Replacing metallic layers through nano-technology promotes interference-free cell phone, wireless and radio reception.
  • Great Handling Creating a quick-dry, flexible, easy-shrink construction ensures an installation-friendly film.

Features of Office & Home Window Film - Night Owl

  • Attractive appearance
  • High heat rejection
  • Outstanding UV protection (99%)
  • Low visible light reflectance
  • No fading or purpling
  • No metal - no radio, cell phone or wireless interference
  • Easy maintenance
  • Competitive price
  • Designed for home theatre applications.
  • Offices where glare is a problem
  • Where you would like to see the night view.