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OH&S nightmare transformed into 'neat and tidy' installation

Supplier: Unist Australia
06 May, 2013

Previously considered impossible, Unist transformed a messy OH&S nightmare two years ago into a clean, neat and tidy installation that continues to thrive.

Not only did the application achieve dry chips and turn the taps and coolant pumps off, it extended the blade life considerably. The customer was impressed enough to tell Unist they would be converting all their saws to 'near dry' in the future.

Unist managing director John Barker said: "Extended blade life, no coolant mess, clean dry chips, and the elimination of OH&S issues such as slip hazards are just a few of the benefits this company has achieved by fitting a Unist near dry sawing system to their Kasto saw.

"This installation has now been in operation for two years, and has therefore withstood the test of time."

Barker added: "Speeds and feeds were left the same as if flood coolant was being used as the customer did not want to compromise production performance.

"This installation is an absolute example of how to eliminate flood coolant from sawing operations while at the same time being a cost effective solution to the problem."

There are a number of significant benefits to be gained by employing 'near dry sawing' mist system.

Using the Coolubricator and correctly positioned lubrication nozzles in this case allowed solid steels of 450mm diameter to be cut. With Coolube 2210EP at the rate of 20ml per hour, Unist transformed this Kasto saw, which has been traditionally using flood coolant, to what is termed 'near dry sawing'.

Near dry sawing of solid steels up to 500mm diameter: eliminates flood coolant systems; eliminates the mess associated with flood systems; reduces fluid costs; eliminates fluid disposal costs; extends blade life; produces dry chips; eliminates skin disorders such as dermatitis; provides an environmentally clean, green and safe solution; creates a dry/clean finished product; and allows quick and easy clean-up.

"This installation has now been in operation for two years, and has therefore withstood the test of time," says John Barker from Unist.