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Oil Absorbent: More Suck For Your Buck

Supplier: Rapid Spill Control

How much are you really paying for your oil absorbents? To find out the real costs, you need to look at the life of the product from purchase to disposal and ask your supplier some questions they should be able to readily answer. Let's examine the costs involved in cleaning up a 20 litre oil spill using "kitty litter" and Rapid Spill Control Oil Absorbent Pads.

Price Guide: POA

About 30kg of  "kitty litter" is required to cleanup a 20 litre spill of oil as it only absorbs as little as 50% of its weight. The NSWEPA requires that only absorbents that are able to absorb 100% of their total weight meet their requirements.

Less than 2 kg of Rapid Spill Control Oil Absorbent Pads are required as they absorb over 20 times(2000%) their weight in oil.

Almost all "kitty litter" bags weigh over 20kg. This material also contains free silicas that cause the lung disease silicosis. This presents OH&S issues for the person carrying the bag to the site of and attending the spill. It also delays the effective spill response due to the amount of absorbent needed to do the job.

A box of Oil Absorbent Pads weighs less than 10KG but can absorb up to 180 litres of oil.

Once sufficient "kitty litter" is brought to the site of the spill, it takes time, brooms and shovels to spread the material over the spill, sweep it through and shovel it up. Guaranteed there is always some oil soaked "kitty litter" left behind to kick and blow around your site.

No tools are needed to cleanup using Oil Absorbent Pads. Simply place pads on the spill, allow one(1) minute for absorbtion, pickup and dispose.

With 20 litres of oil and 26kg of "kitty litter", you now have to pay for the disposal of 46kg of oil soaked waste.

The total waste generated from a 20 litre oil clean up using Rapid Spill Control Oil Absorbent Pads is 22kg. That is a saving of over 50% in your disposal costs.

Don't waste money and put your employess safety at risk. Contact Rapid Spill Control to get your free sample of Oil Fuel Absorbent Pads so you can see how effective they really are.