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Oil Cleaning Equipment | Lubemaster

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An innovative & unique Australian designed & built oil cleaning & filtration equipment that cleans all grades of oil from diesel fuel, transformer, turbine, compressor, hydraulic through to heavy gear oils, as well as waste oil.

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Removes particulate contamination to sub-micron levels, all forms of water to below 10ppm and degases the oil without the use of filter cartridge elements or other replacement consumables. In most cases, it regenerates lubricating oil to better than new oil specs which can eliminate the need for oil changes. Wherever possible, it cleans the oil while the host machine continues operation.

Lubemaster is available in several models specifically designed to suit varying applications such as:

  • LUBEMASTER standard machine for cleaning and restoring the condition of general lubricating oil in nearly all applications except engines. Capable of restoring lube oil condition back to often better than new specs.

  • FLUSHMASTER range for hot oil, high circulation applications such as new compressor for the oil and gas industries, turbine installations and after failure flushing. Currently have 3 machines with flow capability from 70 lpm, 770 lpm and 1270 lpm. All machines are trailer mounted and have the advantage of vacuum dehydration which breaks and removes the molecularly bonded water molecule.

  • POWERMASTER range of transformer dehydration and conditioning units with flows from 4,200 lph and 8,400 lph. Vacuum dehydration and centrifuge with Fullers Earth options provide a highly effective means of conditioning transformer oil with the capability of eliminating the need to dispose of used oil.

  • WASTEMASTER range of machines for cleaning all waste oil generated on a site to levels where it can be safely used as a diesel dilutant and burnt off as diesel fuel in engines or as a mix with diesel as an explosive carrier mix. Every litre of waste oil becomes a litre of diesel, thus eliminating the need for waste disposal off any site.

  • OIL ANALYSIS – CONDITION MONITORING. Our Oil Analysis program is based around lubrication oil management and starts with contamination control. The tests in our state of the art laboratory include microscopic analysis which allow us to literally look inside an oiled compartment and identify the issues which are causing the oil to deteriorate and the machine to wear. By identifying the contaminants and reasons for their build up, we are able to make calculated recommendations to rectify the issues needed to increase oil life and reduce wear.

The end result of our oil analysis program is that we can extend oil life whilst at the same time reducing wear on the machinery. – The bottom line is lower lubrication costs - increased machine life – more profits with very beneficial environmental management.

The oil analysis program identifies the need for our Lubemaster equipment – monitors the performance and verifies the results, which becomes our marketing tool.


  • Cleaning used lubricating oil to eliminate costly oil changes
  • Cleaning oil in machinery compartment after breakdown to flush contamination
  • Cleaning oil in machinery & flushing compartments to maintain & increase life of equipment
  • Decanting new oil into machinery
  • Removing water contamination from oil and diesel
  • Conditioning and restoring transformer insulating oil condition
  • Oil Analysis to identify the need for Lubemaster equipment and verify the final results
  • Contaminated diesel fuel restoration
  • Removes all types of water (free, emulsified & molecularly bonded)


  • More economical as it doesn’t require expensive elements or consumables
  • Incorporates 300L Holding tank for decanting & storage
  • Ease of operation; requires limited training
  • Condition based oil change


Standard model includes:

  • 300L Holding Tank
  • Robust Lifting Lugs & Solid Rubber Tyres
  • Air Vacuum Dehydration
  • 4kW Heater
  • Delivery & Suction Hoses, Power Cord

Add Ons include:

  • Elec Vacuum generator,
  • 7.5kW Heater,
  • Particle Counter, flow and moisture meters,
  • Fullers Earth options for acid reduction

Equipment is available for purchase or hire with operator training provided or contract cleaning/flushing.