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Oil Containment Tool | BoomVane™

Supplier: Bulbeck Enviro

BoomVane™ is a current powered tool allowing for rapid deployment of boom in a wide range of environments without the need for boats, anchors or fixed installations - the world has not seen oil spill equipment of this kind before.

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BoomVane is a patented device for deploying oil containment boom into a wide range of water bodies. The BoomVane harnesses the power of the current to tow oil containment booms. BoomVane is designed for both shore based and vessel operations; three sizes of BoomVane are currently available for use in rivers, estuaries and open waters.

BoomVane is constructed as a cascade of vertical wings mouned in a rectangular frame. Powered by the current, the BoomVane, held only by a single mooring line, swings out towards the opposite shore with the oil boom in tow. This powerful yet light and handy tool enables rapid boom deployment and can be operated in waters with heavy traffic since the control rudder allows for fast and effortless system retrieval from mid-stream.

BoomVanes operate in water speeds ranging from 1 to 5 knots. As all BoomVane models are self-balancing, no adjustments or trimmings are required. As a fast-water tool, the BoomVane works equally well when deployed off a vessel. In this mode of operation, the vessel's progress through the water powers the BoomVane.

The BoomVane is currently available in three sizes:

Shallow BoomVane - Suitable for towing 250 - 300ft (75 - 90m) of shallow draft boom - may vary with type/size or boom and site conditions. Draft: 21 in/0.55m

Standard BoomVane - Suitable for towing 300 - 500ft  (100 -150m) of boom - may vary with type/size of boom and site conditions. Draft: 43 in / 1.1m

Ocean BoomVane - The largest BoomVane we currently supply the Ocean BoomVane is designed for coastal and offshore single vessel operations with medium to large oil booms and advancing containment and recovery systems.The wind cascade is kept at an optimal angle to the water flow by a fixed rudder mounted between folding arms. The rudder arms have horizontal plates acting as stablizer wings maintaining the vertical inclination of the wing cascade. A float is bolted to the end of the wing cascade, to which an optional crane docking assembly can be fitted.

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