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Oil Coolers | A-LHC

Supplier: OLAER Group

Oil Coolers, Olaer A-LHC, a series of air oil coolerswith hydraulic motors, is recommendedfor heavy duty operations, mobile aswell as industrial, where high capacityoil coolers are a requirement.

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Oil Coolers | A-LHC

From the Olaer A-LHC series, we can supply oil coolers of Olaer’s well known high quality, at short notice.

  • The Olaer A-LHC series of air oil coolers can be fitted with a thermo contact for oil temperature control.
  • Cooler matrix with low pressure drop and high cooling capacity.

Maximised heat transfer and capacity

The Olaer A-LHC series of air oil coolers, fitted with hydraulic motors, is designed for heavy duty operations in mobile and industrial systems.

The ideal cooler will provide prolonged oil durability hence extended hydraulic system life, minimize internal potentials for leaks, prolong lubricating qualities and maintain hydraulic efficiency for the entire working cycle.

Own laboratory

A series of quiet, long-lasting coolers with a high cooling capacity per unit of surface area and a low pressure drop is the result from extensive research, development and testing in our own laboratory. The components are carefully selected to ensure optimum performance.

Collar bearings provide extended service life Olaer A-LHC air oil coolers are ideal for mobile applications primarily because of their small size and light weight but also because they are quiet.

Olaer A-LHC coolers have high physical strength, are easy to retrofit on many types of machines and offer unlimited utilization of all standby units. Large models of Olaer A-LHC coolers are equipped with collar bearings for extended hydraulic motor life.

Calculate your cooling requirement

Olaer has developed a calculation program where, by entering your basic data, you can calculate your cooling requirement and select the correct cooler. The program is available from your local Olaer company.

For sizing, selection of the ideal cooler and associated information, see separate technical information sheet. The Olaer Group is represented worldwide providing you with support wherever you are located.

  • Different by-pass functions are available to protect against cold starts.
  • Can be fitted with dust and stone guard. Collar
  • Hydraulic motor with displacement from 8 to 25 cc.
  • Collar bearing on larger versions for extended hydraulic motor life.

Olaer A-LHC coolers for all applications

  • Cranes
  • Forestry machinery
  • Harvesters
  • Forwarders
  • Graders Asphalt spreaders
  • Rollers
  • Street-cleaning machines
  • Contractors machines
  • Snow slingers Wet brakes
  • Cable laying machines
  • Rail-borne machines
  • Garbage collection trucks
  • Picking machinery
  • Ready-mix concrete trucks
  • Earth drilling machines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Concrete pumps
  • Compressors
  • Mining equipment
  • Motor oil cooling
  • Bulk loaders
  • Power Generating Units
  • Fork-lift trucks
  • Scrapping machinery
  • Rock drills
  • Geological investigation machinery
  • Ditch excavators