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Oil Coolers | A-LOC

Supplier: OLAER Group

Oil Coolers, Olaer A-LOC is one of the most reliable and efficient cooling system for oil cooling on the market.

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Oil Coolers | A-LOC

The oil in your hydraulic system will operate with the ideal oil viscosity, providing extended service life and dependability for your entire hydraulic system.

  • Cooler matrix with low pressure drop and high cooling capacity
  • Three-phase AC-motor.
  • Cooling capacity up to 45 kW at ETD 40°C (40°C difference in inlet temperature oil/air).
  • The pump can be installed turned in steps of 90° on the electromotor.

Olaer A-LOC cooling system consists of a cooler matrix, a fan and a pump, The cooling system is fitted with one electromotor only minimising the electric installation, providing ease of assembly at a low cost of installation.

Ease of installation

During the development of Olaer A-LOC, cooling capacity tests, analyses of life cycle and structural strength have been made in our laboratory. All components have been thoroughly selected for optimum performance. Compact design and ease of mounting facilitates installation in small locations. The cooling system is supplied fit for installation in your system.

The Olaer A-LOC can be fitted with a filter unit for oil cleaning, providing extended oil durability, hence extended hydraulic system life. Functions such as pumping, cooling and filtering in one compact package assures optimal performance at low cost.

Reliability in operation and extended life

Olaer A-LOC cooling system provides proven reliability, measured in lower maintenance costs, increased system efficiency and expanded productivity. A controlled oil temperature will result in extended component life. For flexibility of selection and application, Olaer A-LOC standard range is available in capacities from 2.8 kW to 45 kW at ETD 40°C and oil flows from 20 l/min to 80 l/min.

Fitted with Olaer QPM quiet low-pressure pump, the system will operate with a uniform oil flow pattern. Pulsations and pressure spike problems from the hydraulic system are eliminated, providing extended system service life.

The extremely high heat transfer capacity, the dependability in operation and the fact that Olaer A-LOC provides long lasting oil durability is significant for this cooling system.

Calculate your cooling requirement

Olaer has developed a calculation program where, by entering your basic data, you can calculate your cooling requirement and select the correct cooling system. The program is available from you local Olaer company.

The Olaer Group is represented worldwide providing you with support wherever you are located.