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Oil Filtration Cleaning Machine | Scoobi

Supplier: Hydraulic Specialties - HYSPECS

So what's a Scoobi? The acronym Scoobi was coined by one of our service engineers a few years back and stands for "Self Contained Old Oil Beautifying Implement".

Price Guide: AUD $2,640

The Scoobi IS designed to transfer oil from one vessel to another, whilst extracting contamination from the oil in the process.

Typically used for transferring old oil from a tank that needs cleaning, during system maintenance and for filling tanks in new systems.

Even new oil contains contaminates so it is recommended that a new drum of oil be filtered before going into the tank. The Scoobi provides a clean and easy way of doing this.

Benefits of Scoobi Oil Cleaner:

  • Dual filtration in and out, 10 micron, useful for separate water and particle filtration ensuring ultra clean oil
  • Gauge for indication that filter needs changing
  • Rubber tyres and contoured handgrip for manoeuvrability and easy transportation
  • IP65 rated on/off switch
  • Assembled from locally sourced components for ease of service
  • Manufactured by Hyspecs
  • Relief valve protection
  • Approximate dimensions 1m(h) x 0.5m(w) x 0.4m(d)


  • Transfer oil at 20 l/min
  • Powered by a single phase 0.75 kW electric motor with lead & plug
  • Oil is pumped via a Galtech gear pump



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