Oil free packaging addresses environmental and OH&S: Ford

Supplier: Intercept Australia
20 March, 2012

Ford applies a global approach to addressing the environmental and OH&S aspects to their logistics operations.

Over several years Intercept enabled oil free packaging without compromising corrosion protection. Oiling and de-oiling is a major cause towards unsustainable cost impacts. Intercept enables a reduction in processing costs and bottle necks during production and assembly. Intercept avoids unnecessary steps such as washing and de-oiling. It is estimated that the cost is around AU$4.14 to Oil and AU$34.24 to remove and dispose of the oil in a safe and environmental way.

When it comes to packaging you have a lot to consider. Materials, design, cost, and all kinds of other considerations come into play when deciding which types of packaging would best suit your needs. When Ford ship metal parts and other costly items they’re looking for packaging that offers corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture, and free of atomising oils and chemicals that can have a detrimental impact on workers and the environment.