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Oil Sample Kits

Supplier: Cutting Edges Equipment Parts

Check the integrity of your oil and the health of your equipment.

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Lubricating oil analysis
Cutting Edges supplies cost-effective test packages for in-service lubricating oil analysis.

Regular analysis of in-service lubricating oil lets you monitor the ongoing condition of your equipment.

The benefits of regular analysis of your oil's health

Reduce equipment downtime
Oil analysis lets you monitor and track ongoing equipment condition.

It helps you to diagnose the causes of equipment condition and take corrective action.

Timely attention to equipment reduces maintenance costs.

Optimise your maintenance schedules
Scheduled maintenance can be too frequent or not frequent enough.

Testing your in-service lubricant lets you to determine the right time for maintenance.

Optimising maintenance schedules leads to longer equipment health and reduced costs.

The value of predictive maintenance
Standard routine testing programs can monitor progressive equipment condition and help predict equipment reliability.

The monitoring of contaminants such as dirt and water lets you control their causes and minimise their detrimental effects.

Testing and diagnosis
It is important, to get the most from a testing program, that it delivers complete and accurate information.

Tests normally include checking for oil’s physical properties and degradation, contaminants and wear levels.

The report includes a diagnosis and recommendation for further action.

Contact one of our expert team members now for a discussion of how testing of your oil can improve the return on investment of your equipment.