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Omni pallet wrapping saves over $100K/year for distribution company

Supplier: AAA Packaging Supplies By: Charlotte Salisbury
18 October, 2016

When a national distribution company approaches us to provide them a pallet wrapping solution, we know we have ‘The Perfect Solution’ and they know they have come to the right place.

The Solution

Omni Stretch Film + Omni Pallet Wrapper = The Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution

The Result

Saving on film wastage: 126,144 kg/year
Saving on stretch film costs: $105,120.00/year

* Based on a 200kg capacity skip bin there is a saving of 630 skip bins of stretch wrap per year. 

The Challenges

All warehouses need a pallet wrapping solution but this company wanted a Perfect Pallet Wrapping Solution. When you wrap an average of 600 pallets per day in warehouses across the country it's the industry specialist you need to talk to.

  • They wanted to reduce warehouse waste to save disposal costs and reduce environmental impact

  • The cost of pallet wrapping was high and increasing so were needed an alternative solution to contain this cost

  • In a time sensitive industry they needed a reliable supplier with excellent service and express delivery

  • Not all pallets are able to be machine wrapped so it is important that the hand stretch rolls are light weight to reduce back strain for OH&S reasons

  • To increase warehouse productivity, it was essential to the efficiency of their pallet wrapping system