Omniflex protects tank farms for Simon Storage

Supplier: Omniflex
27 September, 2013

When Simon Storage decided to upgrade their legacy Rochester and Sentry annunciator systems across four of their terminal sites, they chose Omniflex to provide a new SIL rated alarm annunciator system.

The system included high-high, tank level hardwired safety critical alarms, serially derived alarm events from site-wide utilities and interfacing to existing SCADA based control/inventory systems.

Omniflex, working closely with P&I Design, successfully provided its distributed site-wide High Level Tank Farm / Utility Alarm Annunciator systems on Simon Storage's, Seal Sands, Immingham and Riverside sites.

Simon Storage

Simon Storage is a leading European independent bulk liquid and gas logistics service provider. It has eight terminals with a combined storage capacity of 1.28 million m³ covering a comprehensive range of products in the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland, and handles more than 250 different products and blends for a wide range of customers.

The challenge

The existing systems were based on Rochester/Sentry difficult to support / obsolete alarm systems, which used combinations of local annunciators and a Microcom network for distributed alarms.

Simon Storage needed to bring these systems up to modern day COMAH standards.

Each site had requirements for combinations of battery backed SIL1 Hardwired Safety Critical High-High Level Tank Monitoring, Alarm / Event monitoring of site services, that all needed to be alarmed at the site central control room.

The layout and classification of the sites meant that a SIL rated distributed alarm system was required.

The solution

Omniflex was awarded the contracts to supply distributed alarm annunciator systems using their industry proven alarm and event management systems.

Combinations of local  SIL1 Omni16 Remote Logic Units (RLU's) for hardwired alarms, distributed Maxiflex I/O Systems for derived alarms and OmniX high intensity LED display fascia's were used to give local alarm and indication at various locations.

As required by the COMAH Regulations, the alarm system is independent of the basic plant control and ESD systems.

The result

The alarms system as installed is broken down into three distinctive layers:

  • Layer 1 –The Safety Critical Alarms which were monitored and displayed by using hardwired SIL1 Omni16 remote logic units driving local OmniX LED displays.
  • Layer 2 – Operational alarms and events covering such systems as steam, fire, temperature for status monitoring, were provided by using Maxiflex I/O systems to multiplex alarms to serially driven Omni16 remote logic units again driving local OmniX displays.
  • Layer 3 - All alarm and event data was repeated to the main SCADA control system and Inventory Management system via a multiple serial Modbus interfaces from a central Maxiflex data concentrator node.

The systems were networked together over copper and fibre media.

Omniflex's solution provided Simon Storage with a long term supportable high integrity system; which is fully compliant with the latest regulatory requirements.

The system provides reliable, clear and distinctive notification to operating staff, thereby allowing them to take timely corrective action.