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Omniflex wins NDA Award for its innovative RPN1 Radiological Protect

Supplier: Omniflex By: Gordon Davey
31 March, 2017

Every year in the UK, the Nuclear Authority holds its Supply Chain Awards. This year, Omniflex won the Innovation Award for its RPN which simplifies the job of gathering data from Radiation Monitors.

This year’s Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)  Supply Chain event was held on Thursday 3rd November 2016 at Event City in Manchester, UK and was yet another great day for everyone in attendance. There were over 1500 visitors at the event and it was a particularly successful day for everyone involved here at Omniflex, when we were announced winners for the 'Best Example of Innovation by an SME' Award for 2016. The award was received for the Innovative Radiological Protection Node (RPN1) which was designed to simplify the process of gathering data from Lab Impex, Canberra and other Radiation Monitors. By combining all of the required features in a standard COTS (Commercially Of-The-Shelf) product the Teleterm RPN1 provides trouble free installation and set-up. Within minutes, the data from Radiation monitors can be read on Radiological Surveillance SCADA Systems.

Benefits of the RPN1:

  • Proven substantial cost savings on conventional radiological monitoring systems
  • 90% of commissioning time, design and cable costs are eliminated.
  • No on site terminations are required, removing many thousands of hours terminating cables within active areas, increasing reliability and space saving.
  • Significant reduction in personal dose rates.
  • Substantiated by the Nuclear Industry
  • Plug and Play design reduces operational and maintenance costs.
  • Enables pre-processed monitor data to be easily connected to SCADA/HMI via RS485.
  • Connects on a combined AC Power and Ethernet Fibre Optic ring network, providing substantial savings on cabling and fixings.
  • Redundant network with self-healing Ethernet ring topology.
  • Future proof design allows compatibility with both new and existing monitors from all manufacturers
  • 20 year support on COTS product


As published on the South African Instrumentation & Control website.

A selection of official photographs from the event can be viewed here.

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