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On the Road to Success in the United States

19 May, 2006

Victorian car accessories manufacturer ARB is working overtime to meet the demand of 4WD owners across the United States buying up their quality products.


ARB is now shipping up to 12 containers a month as it establishes itself as a provider of premium quality accessories such as suspension products and frontal protection equipment such as bullbars.

ARB began operations in 1975, manufacturing a range of accessories for 4WD vehicles capable of handling the harsh conditions of Australia’s outback. ARB commenced exporting in 1987, with an initial focus on the US market.

ARB’s Export Manager, Sam Eu said the company had a hit and miss record of exporting in the past but is now experiencing an acceleration in sales.

“We’ve managed to develop a good reputation in the US and now export our accessories in increasing volume to the east and west coasts in particular,” Eu said.

“Contributing to our increased export sales to the US is the fact our products are very suitable for the US market, a key factor in our ability to generate consumer interest in that market.

“We’re excited about our long term exporting prospects in the United States which have certainly been helped by the Australia United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA),”  he said.

President of ARB 4x4 Accessories for North America, Jim Jackson said tariff reductions under the AUSFTA make a difference in product pricing.

"Tariff reductions of between two and a half and three per cent helps make some of ARB’s  products more price competitive.  In other cases, where pricing has already been set, it allows ARB to gain some savings.

"In the future, ARB is looking confidently to greater market penetration and sales in the US, with the help of the AUSFTA," Jackson said.

The Air Locker (a unique traction aid), ARB’s initial export product to the US, established ARB’s reputation for quality, allowing the company to introduce other products into the market such as bull bars and suspension which have also been well received.

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