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One stop disability safety solutions feature at Hyperdome

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
09 November, 2012

This Canberra-based Hyperdome have undergone a major refurbishment. Part of the refurmishment was the Disability Standards 2010 (Access to Premises Buildings) legislation compliant tactile indicator and corresponding stair nosing installation.

They builder had contacted Global Safe Technologies Australia, whose floor safety representative attended the site to assess the situation and have also consulted with the architect.

The result of the inspection and consultation was to install discrete warning tactile indicators inside the shopping centre, tactile tiles internally and externally at one of the client's premises and also to install compliant anti slip stairs.

The internal stairs had two anti slip strips inserted about 50 mm from the nosing, which provided very limited protection against a slip and fall as well as was non compliant with the relevant standards. Previously Global Safe has remediated lots of situations where the stairs had these anti slip strips, due to risk of slip and fall as well as compliance issues.

The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission has created a document, "The good, the bad and the ugly: Design and construction for access, ISSUE 3: Nosings on stairways", specifically mentions these inserts.

Details of this document can be found on the website http://www.humanrights.gov.au/disability_rights/buildings/good/GBU_Complete.htm.

The internal tactile tiles were installed after the existing vinyl tiles were removed, ensuring that they provide the functionality without increasing the risk of tripping.

The proposed Safe Grip Ultimate anti slip stair nosing installed provided a legislation compliant solution which is at least 30 per cent luminance contrasted, highly slip resistive and provide a sustainable and fully compliant, relevant AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials referred HB 197:1999 handbook specified slip resistance classification recommended values.

The newly-installed anti slip stair nosing were then independently slip resistance tested by a NATA-accredited slip resistance testing company, Safe Environments, which resulted in a high Pendulum Class V slip resistive value. This high initial slip resistance, combined with the products accelerated wear test result, will ensure the surface slip resistance will provide a sustainable, safe and slip resistance standard compliant surface, for many years.

The entire project was completed over a very short period of time. To cater for the timing constraint the Global Safe team attending the site worked very long days.

Management is completely satisfied with the outcome.

Global Safe is a one stop surface safety shop, offering unique, sustainable and environmentally friendly remedial and disability solutions range for virtually all surfaces and situations.

The solutions provided by the company are also being used at thousands of locations throughout various parts of the world via the Global Safety Surfaces Network members.