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One Write Cash Receipting

Supplier: Compact Business Systems

Easy-to-use receipt templates for cash, cheque and credit card payments.

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Compact's receipt template is part of our range of Ready-to-Use systems.

Compact has a range of templates ready for immediate delivery to your business, and you can read more about our receipt template below.

But remember, we're also very happy to design forms that suit the needs of your individual business. So if you can't find what you want on these pages, or you need a manual form, just ask us!

An efficient One-Write system, Compact’s receipt template allows you to write on just one form to complete three forms simultaneously!

Form 1: Receipt
Allows you to enter all the necessary receipt information

  • Becomes the customer’s record of a transaction
  • GST compliant for use as a Tax Invoice
  • Enhances the professional image of your business

Form 2: Bank Deposit Slip
Used for cheque listing summary for daily banking

  • Accepted by all Australian banks
  • Eliminates bulky duplicate deposit books
  • The bank stamps the tear-off deposit slip for deposit verification

Form 3: Cash Receipt Journal
Acts as your hard copy of all cash, cheque and credit card receipts for the day

  • Can be used as a convenient computer input media
  • Dissection columns enable account or product dissections for management reporting and assistance in preparing your Business Activity Statement (BAS)

How does Compact’s efficient One-Write receipt template make doing business so easy?
Eliminates the errors that can occur when you individually transcribe information to multiple forms.

When changes creep into every new form, you open yourself up to problems with inconsistency and incorrect information—endangering your reputation, and sometimes even your business.

Saves you considerable paperwork.
Often, filling out different forms means writing the same information repeatedly. Save yourself the time by filling out multiple forms at once!

Ensures that all your records are up to date.
It takes a lot of extra work to keep everything current. But the one-write system does it all for you!

And Compact’s receipt template protects your business!

Having a hard copy of all transactions helps to prevent fraudulent misappropriation of company funds. And it provides an easily traced audit trail in the event of an internal or taxation investigation.

So not only will this make your records system more economical, time-friendly and effective—it’s also a way of protecting the safety and reputation of your business!

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