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OneCNC is totally focused on bringing CAD-CAM technology of the highest standards to the Windows desktop PC. With a solid research and development team, most of whom are product developers, combined with local and international sales and support offices OneCNC is in a unique position to develop a truly global product.

OneCNC's CAD/CAM system's are designed for the Windows environment and contain all of the latest technologies for solids designing and machining. We offer a broad range of products, for every segment of the manufacturing industry including utilities for NC verification and DNC communications. Our customers and product lines, like the company itself, are diverse. With ongoing development and listening to the needs and wants of our customers we strive to deliver exceptional products that are continually meeting the demands of our customers and the industry.

At OneCNC, we know that time is one of our customers' most valuable resources. That's why we're committed to providing superior customer service, timely technical support and improved functionality in our systems, with the sole purpose of making our products more powerful and easier to use. Through engineering and technological innovations, we're creating products and CAD/CAM solutions to meet our customers, and the industry's requirements.

Our global offices are designed to provide support and assist all our customers, for all our products.

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