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Online Noise Monitoring

Supplier: Noise and Vibration Measurement Systems

Online noise monitoring is defined as a permanent or transportable noise monitoring station (or stations) which measure and transmit noise data.

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NVMS have 20 years experience in the development and delivery of these systems and have worked closely with both industry and regulatory authorities to provide practical noise monitoring solutions.

History of the OmniLogger

In the early 1990's NVMS were selected to represent Brüel & Kjær in Australia. Using their reliable and accurate hand held sound level meter as an 'acoustic front end' and interfacing this with our own data logger we were able to provide industry with solar powered and highly efficient noise monitoring solutions which are still working hard today.

Although industry has been logging noise for decades, technology has often fallen short of users needs.


  • Logged data typically 'overall' levels plus some statistical data
  • Meets regulatory needs BUT users still driving everywhere to listen to noise (are those high noise levels caused by us or frogs / wind / traffic etc)
  • Digital Tape recorders offer some help but highly labour intensive and mechanical

Basic Online Noise Monitoring

Thanks to recent advances in hand-held sound level meter’s NVMS can now provide a simple online solution using nothing more than a Brüel & Kjær 2270 (or a 2250 with an inexpensive CF-LAN Adapter Card) and a suitable telemetry link. The link can be a UHF Radio link, an outdoor Wireless LAN connection such as Motorola’s Canopy system, or a modern 3G ADSL connection.

Automated Online Noise Monitoring Systems In 2008 Brüel & Kjær released their new online noise monitoring solutions. These are based on robust and reliable Noise Monitoring Terminals (NMT’s) which can be deployed on their own or as part of a vast network of terminals.

Each terminal stores and then automatically transfers sound recordings and measurement data to a central database. This system is ideal for industrial clients who require a world-class fully approved solution which can be NATA calibrated and complies fully with Australia’s strict noise monitoring requirements.

Already these systems provide unparalleled performance specifications such as:

  • Secured data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with extensive battery lifespan
  • Automated, live download (streaming) over the Internet including automatic resending – immediate
  • Logging of broadband and 1/3-octave parameters every 1/2-second
  • Streaming of data over LAN to Environmental Noise Management Software Type 7843
  • Post-processing that can create periodic statistical reports down to 1 minute, including LN data
  • Dynamic range of 110 dB
  • Type approved NMT (IEC 61672-1 sound level meter standard Class 1) – your seal of quality
  • Option to use removable, award-winning 2250 SLM as front-end
  • Remote verification of the entire measurement chain using the patented Charge Injection Calibration (CIC)
  • Sound recording
  • Noise event triggers can be defined on an hourly basis for efficient noise detection
  • NMT 3639-B has a very low noise floor enabling it to be used for monitoring of quiet areas at night

Few products can boast these specifications and backed by NVMS’s extensive experience in this profession along with consulting, training and NATA accreditation ensure your confidence now and into the future.

We are working closely with Brüel & Kjær to achieve our ambitions for a fully integrated online Noise Monitoring and Real-Time Noise Modelling solution.