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Open Automation Software includes OPC, SCADA, HMI, and data historian software, all for .NET and HTML5.

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Moving Data From Anywhere to Anywhere

OPC Systems.NET is an OPC Foundation lab certified OPC data access specification product.
It implements technology to provide cross platform HMI SCADA software for enterprise SCADA with support for mobile HMI and mobile SCADA solutions.


Easy Data Networking


Build Data Connections


SCADA System Overview


Industrial Automation and Operations Management Software Solutions


Our Human Machine Interface software removes the boundaries between your users and your machines.
Not only is it real time cloud HMI it is also open source HMI. Providing complete integration with your industrial automation and operations management software.



OPC Systems.NET Enterprise SCADA product features is powerful comprehensive HMI SCADA Software product HMI solution that industrial automation software companies are seeking.


SCADA cloud computing is very powerful when you have the right SCADA software powering it. OPC Systems.NET’s Web HMI SCADA Software makes this easier than ever. With no programming required.

Data Automation

OPC Systems.NET DATA features aggregates, consolidates, and re-calibrates your Automation Data from anywhere to anywhere. Our real-time data delivery mechanisms perform operations that transform your data in ways like never before.

These HMI solutions include:



OPC Systems.NET HMI SCADA software WinForm HMI.NET component allows you to create applications using VB HMI (Visual Studio HMI) or Expression Blend HMI components.

The smart client WPF HMI.NET feature is a powerful real time data monitoring HMI software solution for providing industrial data visualization through our industry leading HMI Dashboard component. The perfect industrial automation software platform for your HMI Systems that improves collaboration, visibility, production, and optimization of your data on a beautiful SCADA application interface.


HMI solutions are taken to the next level with our industrial user interfaces displaying advanced 3D Trending graphics in any real time HMI information systems. With unlimited remote clients you have maximum scalability when it comes to your user experience and data access.


Our Enterprise Alarming Software allows for notification to users of alarm activity to virtually any client destination via SMS (Text Message) and Email.


SCADA cloud computing just got easier with the .NET DATA Connector Feature. Turn any Visual Studio application into a HIM / SCADA data source. Perfect for any real time SCADA information system.



These HMI SCADA Web solutions include:


With so many mobile devices and needed flexibility needed in today’s world OPC Systems.NET HTML5 HMI Web controls create live real time connection for your automation needs. Our Live Data Cloud technology allows you to update any HTML element with live HMI Data.

HTML5 Trend

With HTML5 Trend OPC Systems.NET HMI SCADA Software extends beyond the desktop to any web browser on any device. Giving you access to real time charting capabilities of HTML HMI. Allowing access to your SCADA automation from anywhere to anywhere.

HTML5 Alarm

Unlimited Web Alarms with unlimited possibilities for your Mobile HMI and Mobile SCADA needs through voice messaging, SMS, and email.

These DATA Automation solutions include:

Data Historian

With OPC Systems.NET Incredibly flexible Data Historian that works everywhere you have the ability to log 100 to 1,000,000 data points to 1 to 10,000 separate tables in an open format. No need for third party interfaces to access your own data. Plus recall archived data from you remote desktop, smartphone, or iPad for One Click HMI access.

Need a report based off your HIM SCADA Software automation data? No Problem with OPC Systems.NET reporting feature which creates PDF, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, Images, and printed reports.


Using Recipes to automate your industrial automation software platform is easier than ever with the built in Recipe Feature of OPC SYSTEMS.NET. Storing values for operator modification and then sending these to plc HMI software or plc SCADA software in just one click.


Reporting and sharing real-time data through Microsoft Excel Workbooks is a breeze with OPC Systems.NET Excel Feature. Create interactive spreadsheets with live data for reporting, charts, and calculations.

OPC Client

Communication of data over company networks and Internet to unlimited remote clients using OPC Systems.NET OPC Client Feature.

OPC Route

The OPC Server to OPC Server Connector allows data transfer from one OPC Server to another easy and quick.


Why OPCSystems.NET?

  • Performance – Scan 1 million tags per server with 100 nanosecond resolution. Log 1 million tags per second to a SQL database.
  • Reliability – Windows service architecture – Always running / Data buffering at the source – Never lose data.
  • Flexibility – Access and share data from OPC Servers, OPC Clients, Databases, Files, Existing SCADA Systems, .NET apps, existing SCADA systems, Information Systems, and more.
  • Scalability – Supports unlimited client applications / distributed architecture / live data cloud.
  • Secure Networking – Reliable data transport – WCF communications – data packets encrypted / fast / low bandwidth.
  • Open Software Development – Microsoft Visual Studio Development Environment for .NET Smart Client applications and open jQuery library for HTML5 – Create world-class HMI / SCADA applications.
  • Software Integration – Access proprietary data/ deliver data in an OPEN format / easier integration with business apps – MES, ERP, CMMS, .NET.
  • Economics – Quick to develop. Quick to deploy. Low cost – dramatically less than the competition.
  • Software Automation – One Click OPC – One Click Database, One Click HMI.

Open Automation Software