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Opengear's SDT For Centralized Computer Monitoring

Supplier: Opengear Pty Ltd

Nagios provides centralised monitoring of all the computers, software and network services in complex and geographically dispersed data cente.

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Opengear's SDT for Nagios extends this to provide NOC operators and administrators with a single point of access and control for this entire infrastructure. The Opengear console servers also embed Nagios NSCA client and NRPE server software so they can function as distributed Nagios monitoring servers, often removing the need for dedicated slave Nagios servers at remote sites.

Opengear - Nagios partnership

Nagios itself provides central monitoring of the hosts and services in your distributed network. You can freely download Nagios and it will provide an outstanding management system. With the Nagios you can display the real time status of each host and network node and each service running; and display warnings and raise alarms when a service failure is detected. When then integrated with SDTConnector and Opengear console servers you gain point and click access and control of all these hosts and services from your central Nagios console.

Opengear console servers all embed the Nagios NSCA client (refer faq 279) which enables scheduled check-ins with the remote Nagios server. SDT for Nagios uses this facility to monitor then access and control the console servers and attached hosts across the network.

Nagios central management

Nagios provides health and status summary information for all the servers, routers, switches, power devices and related services you are monitoring. It provides alarms with notification mechanisms that alert you of potential problems, highlight critical events that require immediate attention and escalate the alerts if not rectified.

Opengear's SDT for Nagios extensions will automatically upload all the network configurations and user access privileges from the console server infrastructure. It then gives administrators secure in-band and out-of-band remote access all their physical and virtual ICT assets from a single screen. This access is securely tunneled with strong selectable encryption, flexible authentication, access control and audit tracking.

Distributed Monitoring

Nagios can be configured for more extensive distributed monitoring where the overhead of performing service checks from a central monitoring server is offloaded onto one or more distributed servers. While small to medium sized shops may not need such an environment, when you start monitoring hundreds or even thousands of hosts this becomes quite important.

At the remote site, the Opengear console server functions as a distributed Nagios server and performs checks on all the hosts and services that you define for that site. A Nagios NSCA client and NRPE server are embedded in the console server so it can perform these checks. These programs enable scheduled check-ins with the central Nagios monitoring server and send check results across the network to the remote monitoring server.

In the event that the checks find something wrong with a network service or host resource at a remote site, the console server then informs the central Nagios monitoring server which in turn sends the administrator an alert.