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Opengear's Serial Port Share Software (Portshare)

Supplier: Opengear Pty Ltd

Opengear's serial port share software (PortShare) delivers the virtual serial port technology your Windows and Linux applications need to open remote serial ports and communicate with remotely connected serial devices.

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PortShare extends the functionality of your COM port-based Windows applications or tty-based Linux application. It uses standard TCP/IP protocols and advanced encryption algorithms to securely map virtual COM ports and pseudo tty devices on to your console server's real serial ports.

This enables software applications to transparently communicate with remote serial devices over a local network or the Internet. These devices can then be managed from virtually anywhere without the threat of compromising data security.

If the remote connection goes down PortShare can automatically restore connection within a customizable timeout, without the application knowing there was a failure. And to ensure optimal performance PortShare supports full hardware and software flow control, as well as tunable latency and throughput.

PortShare for WindowsThe PortShare for Windows software establishes client-server connections between the serial ports on remote console servers and applications on your Windows PC or server servicing COM ports. Once connection is established, all data sent to the nominated COM port on the Windows computer will be immediately redirected and delivered out the corresponding serial port on the console server. Similarly incoming data on the console server serial port is redirected to the virtual COM port on the Windows computer where it can be processed further. The portshare_setup.exe software is supplied free with each console server and you are licensed to install PortShare on one or more computers for accessing any serial device connected to any Opengear console server port.
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PortShare for LinuxThe PortShare driver for Linux maps the console server serial port to a host tty port. The PortShare opengear-serial-client is an open source utility for Linux, AIX, HPUX, SCO, Solaris and UnixWare which can be freely downloaded from the ftp site. This PortShare serial port redirector allows you to use a serial device connected to the remote console server as if it were connected to your local serial port. The opengear-serial-client creates a pseudo tty port, connects the serial application to the pseudo tty port, receives data from the pseudo tty port, transmits it to the console server through network and receives data from the console server through network and transmits it to the pseudo-tty port.
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PortShare is FREEPortShare is free and works with all Opengear console server and device servers. You are licensed to install PortShare on one or more computers for accessing one or more serial devices using one or more console servers. So one user can access multiple remote serial devices in multiple locations; and multiple users can access the same remote serial device. So with Port Share you can freely connect the applications on your Windows PC, server or virtual machine to the serial ports on your remote Opengear console servers.