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Operator Hire

Supplier: Cobra Training Services

If you need a licensed insured operator for an urgent job, or don't have time to obtain your licence, call us for short term hire.

Price Guide: POA

We can also supervise trainees that are enrolled in a formally recognised training course looking to increase their on the job experience, before being assessed for their Licence to Perform High Risk Work.

Rates start at $75 per hour, minimum 8 hours for week days and from $105 per hour, minimum 8 hours for weekends.

Overtime and travel rates additional where applicable.

Licence classes we have operators for:

  • WP - Boom Lift Elevating Work Platform over 11m
  • C2 and CN - Slewing and Non Slewing Mobile Cranes to 20 tonnes and all classes of Telehandler
  • LF - General Forklift
  • DG and RB - Dogging and Basic Rigging

Terms and Conditions For Hiring of Plant Operators

  • Standard rates of $75.00 per hour apply between 7am-5pm Monday to Friday and 7am-11am Saturday.
  • Standard rates outside these times is $105.00 per hour (including public holidays and subject to availability of an operator).
  • The minimum charge is 8 hours for any single job/site.
  • Unless Cobra Training Services is notified at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled arrival on site of the plant operator for a scheduled booking, a 4 hour fee at standard rates will apply for cancellation or postponement of an assignment due to factors such as any changes of start time, location or date, inclement weather, industrial action, absenteeism, late delivery of plant, lack of permits, site closures etc.
  • The geographical area covered by these fees and operating hours is the Sydney Basin area bounded by Mona Vale and Hornsby (North), Glenhaven/Windsor Rd/Windsor (North West), The Northern Rd/Penrith/The Northern Rd/Narellan Rd/Campbelltown (West, South West), and Heathcote/Waterfall/Royal National Park (South). Travel charges will apply for areas outside this region, at standard rates.
  • No travel time applies to work in this geographical area.
  • Payment required on completion of job, and credit card number for security of payment.
  • Cobra Training Services and any of their sub-contractors are covered by appropriate Public Liability and Personal Injury/Workers Comp Insurance for all work performed.
  • The plant operator can provide assistance to the plant hirer with simple tasks, such as holding brackets in place, minor painting, surface preparation etc.
  • Acceptance of such tasks, and workplace and/or personal safety whilst undertaking such tasks is at the plant operator’s discretion. Appropriate PPE will be provided by the Hirer if required.
  • The plant Hirer is responsible for obtaining all necessary permits from Local Councils, RTA, property owners, Power Companies etc. No fines, fees or any other charges related to non compliance by the Plant Hirer will be accepted by Cobra Training Services.
  • The plant Hirer and plant operator are jointly responsible for public safety; however, it is the responsibility of the plant Hirer to provide at their expense suitable barricades, flashing lights, traffic control etc as required by law or common sense, for any particular site.
  • Workplace safety and accident prevention regarding commencement of use, or continuing use of plant is at the operator’s discretion. Ie. unsafe ground surface, unsuitable machine, high wind and electrical storms, inadequate public safety provisions.
  • Conditions, regulations, laws and manufacturers specifications regarding working in proximity to electrical power lines, safe working loads of any ESP’s, wind and number of occupant ratings for any PLANT, use of PPE, etc Will Be Strictly Adhered To And Under No Circumstances Will Be Exceeded or Ignored.
  • The plant operator will be responsible for daily safety checks of machine and log book entries prior to commencement of work.
  • Cobra Training Services will not be responsible for any damage caused to any machine or safety harness by the nature of the plant Hirer’s task, ie, painting, welding etc. Advice will be given to the hirer if this is likely to occur.
  • A Job Safety Analysis, Risk Assessment and Safe Work Method Statement will be carried out by the plant operator prior to commencement of work if required.
  • The plant operator will only perform duties for which he is licensed and/or qualified.
  • All costs are subject to 10% GST.
  • Return of safety harnesses, off hiring of machine, site security and plant maintenance and repair is generally the responsibility of the plant Hirer.

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