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Opportunity Management Software

Supplier: NetSuite

Maximizing the value of your sales opportunities begins early in the sales cycle with an accurate, detailed record of each opportunity.

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Your sales teams rely on a deep and complete view of each prospect, and they need immediate, real-time access to every detail.

NetSuite's opportunity management software eliminates redundant data entry and significantly speeds the sales cycle. Sales representatives now have key data at their fingertips—such lists of contacts, records of previous meetings, and categories of products and services that are ideal for a given customer—enabling them to improve their win rate.


  • Make the most of every sales opportunity—and maximize the ROI of your marketing dollars—by viewing all opportunities as aggregate lists or as detailed individual records to track critical information
  • Use competitor tracking functions to see which deals you've lost and which you've won, and use that business intelligence to educate your sales personnel
  • Improve responsiveness to all sales inquiries, driving return sales and boosting customer loyalty
  • Give sales reps access to all discounting and customer-specific pricing rules that typically live in other systems—without requiring them to exit the application
  • Track multiple leads within the same company separately, getting insight into each contact, conversation and unique opportunity
  • Monitor the progress of each customer transaction, from initial contact to close of sale to post-sale support.


  • View opportunities in lists or within detailed opportunity records with all associated critical information
  • View competitive profiles that include the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors
  • Assign different priorities to opportunities, customers and leads
  • Analyze each opportunity according to its status in the queue
  • Give sales managers a 360-degree view of all of the leads and opportunities in the pipeline
  • Convert opportunities into quotes and then sales orders with one click.