Optimum's EasyLift Increases Productivity, Eliminates injury risk

Supplier: Optimum Handling Solutions
24 May, 2012

Optimum Handling Solutions wants to acquaint you with the range of vacuum lifting devices that handles almost any type of load - Optimum EasyLift.

Optimums vacuum lifting devices meet the demands of operators and businesses for lastingly performance, reduced power consumption, maximum operating safety, reduced injury risk, higher productivity and low investment and operational costs.

How it works

Optimum's EasyLift is simply lowered onto the intended load until the chains hang loosely. In this position, an internal valve activates the vacuum-generation process.

As the device is lifted, the vacuum is generated in a matter of seconds, securely gripping the load ready for transport. To release the load, the lifting tackle is lowered until the chains again hang loosely. The vacuum lifting device now releases the load and is ready for the next lifting cycle. Neither electricity nor compressed air is needed for this; the laws of physics and a work piece with a smooth, airtight surface are all you need

The self-powered vacuum lifting device uses the power of the lifting tackle to generate the vacuum. When the crane or chain hoist starts to lift the Vacu EasyLift, the necessary vacuum, depending on the weight of the load, is generated automatically.


The extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load and by using the vacuum to hold and lift the load.

The OHS EasyLift are used extensively by many industries, engineering, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution terminals including glass, metal, wood, plastics, stone, food and any other product that is bagged or boxed.

OHS EasyLift makes lifting easy in all conceivable working conditions. OHS EasyLift makes lifting safer, both for operators and for the products being handled. They also take into account all relevant aspects including safety, efficiency and ergonomical operation.

Once OHS EasyLift is installed you will no longer need to hire weightlifter staff to lift and move.

Easy to use

Learning how to use the Vacuum OHS EasyLift takes not time at all. A simple combination handle, which is manipulated with minimum effort, is all it takes to operate the system. The equipment can easily be adjusted to the optimum working height of each individual operator.

The OHS EasyLift is operated with the benefit of an ergonomically designed operator handle equipped as standard with a holder for the chain-hoist controls. Safe operation is ensured by an electronic warning device with integrated battery-test function and by an easily visible, integrated manometer for visual monitoring of the vacuum.

Market leader

With more than 40,000 units currently in use, TAWI is the market leader in Vacuum Lifting equipment. The OHS Easylift is available in a huge variety of configurations, has different manipulator handles and is capable of lifting up to 270kgs.

Because of the OHS EasyLift capabilities of lifting up to 270kgs, the OHS Easylift can lift almost anything including, sacks, bags, boxes, cartons, cases, cartons, drums, rolls, pails, doors, glass, timber, steel and plastic sheets and other miscellaneous items.


Working with the OHS EasyLift is now highly efficient. On average a single person can handle at least four times the number of load than was previously possible without the OHS EasyLift. The safe, precise and reliable handling has a major positive effect on the economics, avoids expensive handling of customer complaints, physical damage, and/or long term workplace injuries.

The OHS EasyLift has the advantage that it makes best use of the available space in the area it is in, collectors can also be better protected against damage, as well as the product having the possibility of being dropped.

Customers are extremely impressed with the resulting performance increase and the optimisation of the processes. Whereas on average 2-4 persons were generally needed for loading and unloading the machines, this task is done today by a single person using the vacuum lifting device.

Furthermore, it is no longer necessary to use multiple employees or fork-lift truck for this work. The operator, who loads the machine on his own, still has sufficient time to manually remove and stack smaller finished parts, which means that the productivity will be increased.

As you have read, vacuum handlings systems can be used pretty much anywhere. Optimum Handling Solutions has the complete vacuum handling solutions - not only offers vacuum technology but also its extensive range of material handling equipment including cranes and chain hoists.

Optimum Handling Solutions caters for individual handling which meets specific requirements; contact us today to contact your needs and specific requirements.