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Ordering Materials | Easy Order Ultra™

Supplier: Easy Price Pro

Easy Price Pro supplies management software for ordering building materials.

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If you have looked at the New Houses and Extensions Plus™ program, you will know that it comes with a library of materials and plant items and costs. Easy Order Ultra™ has been designed to help you gain accurate costs from up to 6 suppliers of your choice and import your desired supply back into your client's quotation, giving you even more accuracy and peace of mind.

Summary of Easy Order Ultra™

  • Shops around to get the best possible prices for your order
  • Makes life easier and remembers those all important, smaller items such as DPC, nails or mortar additive
  • Always orders the correct material quantities – not too much nor too little, saving you aggravation and money
  • Prices and purchase orders saved so you can check prices that were agreed against the invoice which comes in later
  • Saves you loads of time as you're not on the phone or sending/receiving faxes
  • Great way to check what you ordered from which supplier – useful if an item does not arrive
  • Gives you satisfaction by showing you how much money you've saved by using Easy Order Ultra™

Saving you time and money

Market research shows that most of you simply want to spend less time in the office pouring over paperwork and more time doing the things you actually enjoy. Easy Order Ultra™ works seamlessly with NHE Plus and allows you to import all required materials from a quotation and send it to up to 6 different suppliers of your choice, once your selected suppliers have sent their prices back you can see quickly and clearly who is the cheapest and most expensive supplier overall.

You can choose to import the prices back provided by your supplier back into your quotation – making sure your program is even more accurate and based on the prices you pay.

" bet it takes ages to set up"
When you purchase Easy Order Ultra™ you will receive a download link and instructions, along with access to our free Customer Support site. So, no headaches for you and you can start using the software within the hour!

System Requirements

Want to know what you need in order to run this program? Just click here to view the system requirements for all Easy Price Pro programs.