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Organic Fertilizer | Fumafert

Supplier: Organic Crop Protectants

Organic Fertilizer | Fumafert is used in intensive horticulture, professional turf nursery & covered crops.

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The first organic fertilizer with Biofumigant properties based on high glucocinolate mustard seed meal and neem cake.

Organic Fertilizer | Fumafert also supplies a slow release organic form of NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and trace minerals.


Organic Fertilizer | Fumafert Technical Information

New Generation Organic Soil Amendment

Organic Crop Protectants have developed a product combining the properties of mustard seed (Brassica juncea) meal and the kernel of the Neem tree nut
( Azadirachia indica).

Organic Fertilizer | Fumafert is the first plant extract based organic fertiliser with biofumigant properties. It contains a range of macro and micronutrients all in a slow release form essential for plant growth, beneficial soil microbes and earthworms. FumaFert also helps to improve soil structure and humus development which reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers.

Members of the cabbage, radish, rape, and mustard family are known to contain high levels of compounds called glucosinolates. As these compounds break down with the natural breakdown of the plant material, isothiocyanates( ITC's) are released as volatiles.

Mustard plants have been identified as having some of the highest levels of aliphatic ITC's. Figure 1. below demonstrates the potential of a mustard variety for controlling common soil-borne fungal pathogens.

Neem cake is the remaining kernel from which neem oil is extracted. Generally the amount of oil remaining in neem cake is around 50%.


Directions for use

General Horticulture
Apply through any standard fertiliser spreader @ 1000 kg/ha and if practical incorporate into the soil profile for best results.

Apply 5-10kg/100m2 (5kg if bent grass) mixed meal with the top dressing soil or sand after coring or verti-draining and brush into holes then water in.

Apply to potting media @ 40kg/1000kg of growing media or apply 8gm/12cm to top of pots and water in.

Analysis w/w expressed as crude protein
Nitrogen (N): 5.6 - 6.9%
Iron (Fe): 557mg/kg
Phosphorus (P): 1.0 - 1.4%
Zinc (Zn): 82 mg/kg
Potassium (K): 0.5 - 0.6%
Sodium (Na): 89 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca) : 0.6 - 0.8%
Managanese (Mn): 29 mg/kg
Magnesium (Mg): 0.4 - 0.5%
Copper (Cu): 7mg/kg
Sulphur (S): 0.2 - 0.6%

(Analysis may vary due to organic nature however the above minimum is guaranteed)

Product is non toxic under normal use conditions. Do not apply at high concentrations to growing media for planting of seed or seedlings. Allow 7 days from application to planting if using high rates.