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Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil

Supplier: Organic Crop Protectants

Trich-A-Soil is a biological product based on two beneficial soil-borne fungi.

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Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil will colonise at the root zone to provide a much healthier growing environment for plant roots.

Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil is freshly made every 6 weeks and shipped directly to the customer to ensure freshness and effectiveness.  It is used in turf, hydroponics, viticulture, nurseries and vegetable crops.  Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil also comes as a granular product for ease of application.

Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil Technical Information
What is Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil?
Trich-A-Soil is a Bio-inoculant for Professional Turf & Intensive Horticultural Crops. Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil contains selected Trichoderma spp. including one selected by Dr Percy Wong of the NSW Department of Agriculture. When applied to turf or incorporated into other growing media Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil will colonise at the root zone to provide a much healthier growing environment for plant roots.

How does Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil work?
Trichoderma spp are saprophytic fungi of the Ascomycetes class which feed on organic material excreted by plant roots. Trichoderma spp also feed on dead plant material, such as dead roots, dead leaves and stubble.

Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil will establish itself in the growing media and colonise the root zone of plants. Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil colonises plant roots. The green fungal masses at various points along the root is Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil at work.

Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil is fully researched, developed and manufactured in Australia, making it suited to Australian conditions, and fresher than any other product on the market.

Product Comparison
The success of a bio-inoculant depends to a large extent on its ability to successfully colonise and survive in the soil. This depends on the number of spores being applied to the soil, the higher the numbers the greater the chance of successful colonisation on plant roots. Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil® has a very high count of Trichoderma viride and T. harzianum. It is over 16x the spore count of other similar products based on colony forming units / gram and application rates.

Directions for Use 

Make sure all measuring equipment, containers, and tanks are free of chemicals and chlorine. Weigh out required amount of Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil® and use a general household strainer or spray tank strainer to wash the product through into the spray tank or container. Add the required amount of Acadian SSE, Aminogro, molasses and Hydretain, agitate and apply soon after (filters less than 100 microns should be removed from nozzles or pump equipment to prevent blockages).

Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil contains a living fungus and is sensitive to a number of fungicides including benomyl, imazilil, propiconazol, tebuconazole and triflumizole. Please read the front panel of the fungicide label for Active Ingredient to determine compatibility. A full list of compatible fungicides is available from OCP if required. If an incompatibile fungicide has to be used, re-apply Organic Fertilizer | Trich-A-Soil® 10-14 days later and then go back onto the program. For optimum results the soil must remain moist and slightly alkaline (pH >7).

Professional Turf
1st application 5kg/ha then 2.5kg/ha monthly

Apply monthly or while disease persists

Apply with boom sprayer early morning or late afternoon and drench-in immediately with enough water to move the product into the thatch layer. Apply with Acadian SSE @ 1kg/ha + Aminogro @ 20L/ha. Use with Hydretain @ 5L/ha or any other microbe-safe soil wetting agent. Use SAND-AID at renovation as a food source.

Polyhouse Glasshouse
1.25kg/5,000m2 or 1.25kg/10,000L

At planting and 2 app.s 14 days apart

Mix with Acadian @ 300gm/5,000m2 and Aminogro @ 1L/5,000m2 Inject at the end of a watering cycle and flush through.
In Hydroponic systems apply with Acadian SSE @ 1kg/10,00L.

Nursery irrigation
Every month

Mix up enough product in a 20L bucket with Aminogro @ 100ml/100m2 + Acadian SSE @ 5gm/100m2 , filter and inject into
irrigation line so that all plants receive a dose.


1 week before plant

Apply to seedling trays through irrigation making sure to drench the trays.Apply with Aminogro and Acadian as per nursery.

Field crops

At planting

Apply to in-furrow or through Trickle tape at planting, and two follow-up applications 14 days apart if disease pressure is high.