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Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil

Supplier: Organic Crop Protectants

Eco Oil is an Organically Certified, NRA Registered Miticide/ Insecticide for the control of Two Spotted Mites and Green Peach Aphid in various food and ornamental crops.

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The advantage Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil has over current Miticides is that it has no withholding periods, no re-entry restrictions and maximum user safety. This means minimal spray protection gear, while maintaining maximum operator safety. Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil is perfect for use in and around public traffic areas and where produce handling and crop harvesting is labour intensive and continuous.

It also has a physical mode of action meaning that insect pests like mites have a low level resistance potential to Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil. This allows growers to apply eco oil on a more regular basis than the chemically active insecticides, without worrying about the complexities of insect resistance management strategies.


Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil Technical Information

What is Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil?
Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil is Australia's first Botanical Oil based Miticide / Insecticide registered to control Tetranychus urticae (Two-spotted mite) and Aphids in home gardens, commercial covered crops and nursery situations. Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil combines the insecticidal properties of three natural oils emulsified in a unique surfactant system.


Why should I use Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil?
Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil was developed from a need by the protected environment industry for a safe and effective way to control two of its most common insect pests, Two-spotted mites and Aphids. It was also developed from a request by this industry for a "soft" insecticide which compliments Integrated Pest Management Systems. Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil is not designed to be the "New Millennium" insecticide, but rather a key resource to be used in a sound IPM program.


How does Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil work?
Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil has three modes of action.

  1. The blend of essential oils that make up Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil are very effective penetrants. Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil penetrates the exo-skeleton (skin) of mites and aphids, blocking their ability to breathe effectively. This causes death via suffocation.
  2. The protective "waxy" cuticle (thin protective membrane) of insects and their eggs is denatured by the oils and surfactants in Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil. This causes dehydration and eventual death.
  3. Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil also acts as a minor insect repellent on leaf surfaces, this reduces the chances of pest re-infestation. Due to Eco-Oil's contact mode of action it can be classified as a "knock-down" insecticide; it has no "systemic" activity. However, Eco-Oil has some residual activity due to its repellent effects and ovicidal action (dehydration & smothering of eggs).


Will insect pests become resistant to Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil?
Due to the physical modes of action of Eco-Oil, the potential for resistance from overuse of the product will not occur. Hence it will assist growers to control any mites or aphids that express resistance to current and future chemistry.


How do I apply Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil?
Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil should be applied in a preventative manner within an IPM system every 14 days. This suppresses mite populations to levels where predatory insects can be most effective. If mite population "flare-up" occurs, apply Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil at the higher rate twice within 3-5 days (check label for further details).

Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil can be applied with any type of spraying equipment. However, it is important that good coverage is achieved. For maximum efficacy against Two-spotted mites, spraying of underside leaves is recommended. Due to the aerial movement of adult aphids further applications of Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil may be needed for effective control. ULV fogging machines are not recommended with Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil due to the lack of oil making contact with the target insect.


Will Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil "burn" my plants?
Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil  is based on botanical oils, therefore "burn" potential with Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil is low. Tests have been conducted on a range of plant species and only Maidenhair fern showed commercially unacceptable "burn". However, as with all sprays due care must be taken as to dose rates and spraying frequency.


How safe is Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil to me and my staff?
Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil is completely harmless when used on its own. There are no withholding periods, or re-entry restrictions. However, with this in mind it is important to observe Work Cover guidelines when applying any sprays.


How does Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil fit into my current IPM program & spraying schedule?
Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil is safe to most beneficial insects. It has been tested on predatory mites (Phytoseiulus persimilis) and found to be safe to all life stages. However, some side effects to P.persimilis predacity for TSM egg and P.persimilis egg laying rates was noted. With this in mind, wherever possible, the release of P.persimilis should be delayed 7 days after an Organic Insecticide | Eco Oil application.